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Want to host a Sseko Party?

Here at Sseko, one of our favorite ways to spread the Sseko love is through what we refer to as a "Party in a Box". We love giving YOU the opportunity to be the face and voice of Sseko in your own communities and homes. We love to see people opening their homes (or apartment or dorms!) to spread the Sseko love to the people around them. If you are interested in hosting a Sseko Party in a Box please continue reading!

Why host a Party in a Box?

  • If you love to be a part of empowering women and changing the world. And you love cute sandals, this is for you!
  • Everything is more fun with friends. Especially shoes. And parties. BAM. Sseko Party in a Box.

How does it work?  

  • You decide on the who, when and where.
  • You and your friends decide between 4 different packages you can view here. Next, fill out this form with your basic information, and the package you would like to use for your party.
  • We'll send you an invoice for the total cost, and get your billing information, but you won't be charged until the very end after you return the products you do not sell. You’ll get a package full of some rockin’ sandals and then you’ll throw a rad party. We promise there will be squealing and straps will be flying. After you are finished with your party, we would love to hear your suggestions about how to make the process easier here!

Ready to get started?

Check out the {resources} tab to the left for everything from party invites to African recipies!


Email the Sseko Team at

**Unfortunately we are not able to do parties outside of the US yet - sorry!**