What We’re Thankful For

By |November 26th, 2020|

This year has presented some especially unique challenges for everyone. As we’ve all fought to find our footing in an uncertain time, it’s easy to get lost in the struggles and forget the triumphs. We are thankful every year for our customers, our Sseko Fellows, and our teams working hard all over the world. But our gratitude has absolutely exploded this year as we watched everyone work harder than ever to adapt, grow, and [...]

Beccause of Sseko

By |November 24th, 2020|

Over the years we’ve seen so many Fellows reach unimaginable goals with their Sseko business. We are constantly impressed and amazed by the creativity,  heart, and ambition inside this community.  This week, we are celebrating some of the stunning women who have achieved big dreams with their Sseko income. From savvy side hustlers to the fabulous full-timers, there is room for everyone in this club! But it isn’t just about the Benjamins. This group [...]

What We’re Reading, Watching, Learning, and Listening to in November

By |November 19th, 2020|

As we wind down towards the end of the year, we’re continuing to be inspired by some amazing voices in the BIPOC community. Education, communication, and action have to be continuous. Growth doesn’t come from a brief social uprising in response to a crisis, it comes from constant engagement. Here are some of the stories speaking to our hearts this month.  Reading: The Purpose of Power: How We Come Together When We Fall Apart [...]

Masks: The Unexpected Accessory of 2020

By |November 14th, 2020|

If you haven’t heard yet, Sseko is in the mask business now. We see our sisters and we hear your call for protective coverings that are as comfortable as they are stylish. If you haven’t yet, make sure you give our collection a look! We have five different patterns offered, and each one features comfortable elastic loops to fit any face as well as an adjustable nose bridge for the perfect fit.  Face Mask [...]

Custom Gifts For Your Whole List

By |November 5th, 2020|

We love this time of year. Giving is at its peak. Fashion is front and center. And everyone is looking for the perfect, personal gift to give their loved ones. Sure, you could go with a gift card and make it easy, but we know you’re the kind of giver who likes to add a unique touch. And nothing says “I got this especially for you!” like an order from our Custom Shop! There [...]

Holiday 2020 Gift Guide

By |October 29th, 2020|

‘Tis the season to start shopping! But this year more than ever, going out and mingling in the holiday crowd is a little less than appealing. Make Sseko your one-stop shop for ALL the women in your life. There is something here for everyone. Your daughter, your mom, your wife… and even a few fantastic finds for the fellas. Best of Bags  All we want for Christmas… is LEATHER. There is really nothing better [...]

The Holidays Are Here: 2020 Holiday Collection!

By |October 22nd, 2020|

It’s the last launch of 2020! We’re so excited to share this collection with you. This one is going to get you all ready for the shopping season. Ready or not, here’s the last drop of the year… are you ready for zebra and druzy and rose gold, oh my!? Reversible Beaded Crossbody Clutch and Coin Purse in Zebra You know we like to get wild over here, but this beaded zebra pattern is [...]

#TogetherCoffee and PSL 4Ever

By |October 8th, 2020|

There are some fall staples we just can’t live without. Fuzzy socks by the fire. Hocus Pocus playing on a loop. And Pumpkin Spice in your coffee.  Our team at Sseko HQ are Pumpkin Spice OBSESSED + have the perfect Pumpkin Spice cream recipe that perfectly complements any of our Together Coffee roasts!  Note: This recipe was originally made to complement Together Coffee made as a cold brew, however, it also blends perfectly with [...]

Reading, Shopping, Listening and Learning in October

By |October 1st, 2020|

We are so here for fuzzy socks, oversized sweatshirts, a cup of #TogetherCoffee, and some couch time while we get into the best binging, browsing, and buying season of the year. There are so many amazing women to celebrate out there and we have loved getting to know other fashion brands, hearing stories from perspectives all over the country and the world, and get cuddled up with some great reads and life-changing lessons. Don't [...]

Building a Business with Coffee: How Our Fellows Are Earning a Sustainable Income with Together Coffee

By |September 24th, 2020|

We launched Together Coffee in June and since then it has been making a profound impact on our Fellows community, their families, and their businesses.  As a company, we’d been dreaming up a coffee brand for a while now and had plans to see it come to fruition with the launch of our fall collection, but once Covid-19 hit and businesses around the world started shutting down, it became clear that we needed to [...]

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