There’s something to be said about a great piece that can go with everything. And we love to see the way our customers and Fellows mix it up. So right now we are doing a “10 Ways 10 Days” challenge to see how far your creativity goes. 

You only need to own one Sseko item to participate. We want to see how you can take a single item and make it stylish in ten different ways. Dress it up, dress it down. Make it silly, make it chic. 

Every person who completes ALL10 days of the challenge and submits their proof of completion by July 8th will receive a coupon from Sseko for a free Brave Bracelet or Brave Piece. (Shipping not included.) AND… one lucky winner will receive a $200 Sseko Gift card! 

Submit your proof of completion here by July 8th to get your FREE Brave Bracelet or Brave Piece and be entered to win $200 in Sseko cash.

Also, make sure you tag us and use the hashtags #10Ways10Days and #SsekoStyle

Here’s some inspiration to kick off the challenge. 

Wear Pieces In Unexpected Ways

Is a scarf ever just a scarf? Do t-shirts only go with jeans? Of course not. We want to see all the ways you can take your Sseko piece and turn it upside down. We are kind of blown away by how Sseko Fellow Chanda turned the Leo Skirt into a Leo Dress using a Leo scarf.

We are Leo-ving this look.

The Multiway Shawl is the Winner Y’all

We know the Multiway Shawl is probably THE most versatile piece in our catalog. Whether you’re rocking the Navy Block, the Hide and Seek or the oh-so-eye-catching Tiger Lily, we feel like you could probably work this piece in 20 ways. But we’ll only ask you to do it in ten.

Sseko Fellow Caitlin is already working her #10Ways10Days #SsekoStyle.

Swap Your Bottoms

All of our tees, including the “Like a Girl” and “How It’s Made Matters” t-shirts, have a sweet style with a solid message and we are obsessed with all the ways it’s worn. Whether you like to knot it, tuck it or just let it hang, this shirt goes with about any bottom you can imagine. Shorts, jeans, leggings, you name it. Nia’s pencil skirt and sneakers combo is the perfect “dressed up, but comfy” outfit for outdoor summer activities. Britah’s summer styling is easy and fun with a Sseko bandana and Brave Hoops. And we are LOVING Neisha’s perfect pairing with custom bag and linen pants.

Or Swap Your Top

You can also do the reverse with a pair of our airy Wide Leg Pants. Accessorize in different ways, mix up your shoes and see how far these pants can go. 

Kendra and Arielle are all in the Hide and Seek pattern, all wearing black tops, and yet all look magnificently unique. 

Tie for Ten

The Ribbon Sandals have double potential for the Ten Ways challenge. Not only can you change out your ribbons every day if you choose, but you can also change up how you tie them. Sseko Fellow Taylor has been showing us all the ways you can enter this challenge simply from the ankle down. ]

We’re so excited to see what you come up with! Make sure you join all your fellow Sseko sisters in this stylish summer challenge. 

Don’t forget to enter your #10Ways10Days #SsekoStyle here in order to get your free Brave Bracelet or Piece and a chance to win a $200 Sseko gift card.