We all want our wardrobes to reflect our personality, but how do we express various aspects of our style without adding clutter to our closets? We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite tips for keeping your closet fresh and fun without making unnecessary purchases. Buying better is always preferable to buying more.

1. Invest in staples that have room for customization

Do you love bags with lots of personality? When you’re investing in a bag that you intend to use for a long time, resist the temptation to purchase one that’s covered in a trendy pattern. Instead, look for something with a classic base color (think natural leather, black, etc.) and accentuate it with a patterned accessory that can easily be swapped out when your preferences change! Our Leather Accent Tote was designed with exactly this sort of customization in mind. You can feel good purchasing a timeless bag that will never go out of style, yet simultaneously keep up with the latest trends when you add on accents! Our accents take up little space and are easy to keep organized in your closet.

Another product that’s perfect for keeping clutter to a minimum is Sseko’s classic Ribbon Sandal. These beauties have (literally) endless possibilities, so instead of buying new sandals every summer, you can simply add a new ribbon or try a new way of tying them!

2. Mix and match what you already own

It’s possible to completely change the feel of your outfit by simply combining your pieces in a new way! Want to go for a trendy look without buying something new? Stretch your creativity and try using your Sseko ribbon as a choker necklace, or wear your multiway shawl as a scarf instead of cardigan-style. You may surprise yourself with how many options you already have in your closet once you start maximizing the use of each pieces you own!

3. Look for unique pieces that can easily pair with a variety of styles

An item doesn’t have to be black or grey to be versatile! A clutter-free closet does not mean a color free closet. Let your personality shine through with rich hues and fun accessories. Try to stick with colors within the same family, and you’re free to mix and match colors and patterns to your heart’s content! Unique textures and silhouettes also make for some fascinating pieces that won’t clash with others.


What are some of your favorite ways to keep closet clutter to a minimum?