A person once said, “A more sustainable life begins at home.” We can’t help but imagine this person is close to perfecting composting, stores almost everything in glass jars, and never forgets their reusable grocery bags. We here at Sseko applaud all efforts towards a more sustainable environment. We prefer progress over perfection.

Here are some tips we collected from our team, as we each try new things as part of our own journeys to a more sustainable home.

Tip 1: Shop Your House

Creativity is your best tool when it comes to sustainability. When you’re thinking of buying something new, take a look around and shop your own home! What object in your home could do double-duty or could be used for a different purpose entirely? A tip from Natalie on our field-focused team: Use a scarf for gift wrap, which transforms it into 2 gifts instead of 1!

Tip 2: Repair 

The second best tool for a more sustainable home may be our dear friend, YouTube. Learn to sew on a button, patch a pair of jeans or reupholster an old chair! We’ve found that even the lowest quality videos can lead to high-quality transformations. A tip from Miranda on our marketing team: When typing in your question, add as many details as possible. For example, when trying to fix a minor issue with your washer, type in the brand and model name for very specific advice.

Tip 3: Buy Used 

For small items, it’s easy to repair or shop your own home, but what happens when a large item needs to be replaced? For the hard-to-find items, our team often heads to places like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Offer Up, eBay, etc. Our Co-founder and CEO Liz, is a huge fan of upgrading furniture, one swap at a time. She’s even made a profit doing this with couches!


Tip 4: Buy New

Rachel on our product team has this line bookmarked, “buy nice or buy twice.” We here at Sseko pride ourselves on creating quality goods and apparel that can be used in a variety of ways, for many years to come. That sustainability mindset is what drove our brand new line of Sseko home goods. We have a Limited Edition Upstyled Hand-loomed Mat, a Colorblock Jute Basket Tote (two uses in one!), and Hand-loomed Towels that go with any room.


We feel lucky to have you alongside us on this journey towards a more sustainable home. We would love to hear your tips too!