If you were to ask just about any mom what she wants for Mother’s Day the majority would say: time.

It’s our most precious commodity and, frankly, the scarcest. Between careers, soccer practice, side hustles, science projects, meal preparation, baths and laundry… oh the laundry, a mom’s day is usually 16+ hours of nonstop work.

While we believe every mom deserves something beautiful to unwrap on her special Sunday, we also feel strongly that time should be a part of what you give back this year.

Give her a WHOLE Day Off… EVERY MONTH

Oh yeah, you heard us. Celebrating mothers does not have to be relegated to one single day a year. Give her the 15th of every month as a gift. One day where she is relieved of all her motherly requirements. No parent pick-up line. No lunches to pack. No beds to make. A whole day every month for her to do as she pleases without interruption. (Give her this gift with tissues, she may have tears of joy.)

Get resourceful and find grandparents and friends who might be willing to help cover some must-do tasks and declare that day a forever take-out night if you must.

The gift can be virtually costless, but it is guaranteed to be priceless.

Make Her Something an Adult Would Enjoy

All moms are going to get some sort of handmade craft from their kiddos that they will adorn themselves and their home with for the joy of their children. But handmade can go beyond pasta necklaces and finger paintings.

You can paint a room that has always bothered her. You can refurbish a family heirloom that she inherited from a loved one. You can finally turn all her old physical photos into a digital album (something that has been on her plate since the invention of the Internet).

An intentional project designed for her enjoyment speaks volumes and you don’t have to be crafty to pull it off!

Do the Thing That Has Been Driving Her Crazy

We can’t tell you what it is, but something tells us you already know the thing that needs doing. There’s a forever lingering task that has been driving mom up the wall. Maybe it’s the garage door that always sticks. Or the coat closet that explodes with old jackets when you open it. Or the fan that clicks every time it’s on. 

Odds are there are a dozen little to-do’s that are outside her daily scope of work, but that can really be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. 

Fix the thing. Grease the squeaky wheel. Purge the packed storage space. 

Sometimes, it’s the little things. 

Buy Her Some Relief

Mom’s time is precious. There is always way more on her plate than a human should have to handle and sometimes relieving just one pain point can make all the difference.

Here are a few ideas for lightening her load:

  • Meal prep services: For example, services like Hello Fresh take care of grocery shopping and the painstaking task of deciding “What’s for dinner?” with this two-in-one gift.
  • Cleaning services: If it’s in the budget, there’s really nothing better than coming home to a clean house that you didn’t have to spend all day scrubbing.
  • Child care: All moms need a break from the tiny daily demands of child-raising. Whether you offer her this relief or find a reliable care provider, she’ll appreciate the chance to get back in touch with herself.

We are all for the traditional route with a bow on it. And if you want something physical to give to her on Mother’s Day, our Mother’s Day Collection and spring styles are a great place to start. But why not go another step further? Many of the above options don’t cost anything but effort. And for moms who are always doing it all for their family, give her the gift of some uninterrupted hours and checking a few items off her list this year.