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Sseko Tee Styling Guide

Every one of us probably has a handful of tees hanging out in our closet— and actually, there may be more hiding inside that dresser over there. Everyone loves a good tee! They're extremely comfortable and you can wear them almost anywhere but they usually aren’t much of a statement piece on their own. That’s why we wanted to collect a few tips that will help you see the true potential in your tees. Add Some Jewelry The great thing about a good tee is that you can elevate its look by modifying how you wear it or adding [...]

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What We’re Reading, Watching, Listening to, Learning in September

This new month means we are inching closer to the end of 2021 and with that comes a desire to close chapters and tie loose ends. But we will continue to make it a priority to read and learn about the inspired work of the BIPOC community. There is an immense amount of content out in the world that is shouting to get out into the hands of more people so we can learn about their stories. We are sharing just a few in this month’s post. Reading This memoir dives deep into the experience of being both Black [...]

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We are halfway through 2021 and it almost seems like we just appeared here. Yes, we have had a much better year than last, and we have slowly been able to regain some normalcy—but even with new opportunities, time has been a great resource for discovering the potential blessings the past challenges are bringing us. In that vein, that’s why we’re bringing you some #realtalk this month with our favorite things to read, watch, and listen to this month. Reading “How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life” by Lily Singh, is one we caught ourselves laughing [...]

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Reading, Watching, Listening, Learning: Throwback Edition

There’s something about a throwback we just can’t get enough of. Between Cruel Summer’s constant 90’s vibes and a Friend’s reunion we couldn’t love more, we’re thinking about all the things we loved about the last decade of the 20th century. No high-speed internet. Butterfly clips. Overuse of the phrase “as if.” This decade was nothing if not memorable. Today we’re talking about a few throwbacks you can indulge that will have you feeling the 90s vibes even more. Reading What’s better than reading a post-apocalyptic novel written in the 90s about the year 2025 by one of the [...]

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10 Ways To Create A More Sustainable Wedding

There is more demand than ever these days for weddings that take a more ethical approach. Instead of the expensive one-day affairs, today’s brides are looking for budget-friendly, sustainability-minded matrimonies.  We can’t get enough of this new trend and that’s why we wanted to round up some of the best resources for making your dream day an ethically excellent ceremony to remember, from proposal to honeymoon. 1: The Ring We’ve arrived at a place where we can acknowledge bigger isn’t always better and the only thing “forever” about mined diamonds is the lasting environmental and human rights impact they [...]

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Reading, Watching, Listening, Learning: Travel Edition

We officially have travel brain. Whether you’re taking your first vacation since summer 2019 or you have a staycation on the books, all our minds tend to wander a bit this time of year. As things reopen and we prep for travel or just the summer slows down, we’ll be taking these gems with us. As for the Sseko team, our mind usually goes to Uganda. Where does your mind go? Reading  This month, Najwa Zebian debuted her memoir Welcome Home: A Guide to Building a Home for Your Soul. While we may be in “get out of the [...]

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#10ways10days: Step-by-Step Guide

It’s that time of year again! Our annual #10ways10days challenge is back and we want to get everyone involved. This is a fun, engaging fashion challenge led by our Fellows, but everyone can join in. We’ll share how you can participate and why this is about so much more than just styling. When Sustainability and Style Collide We believe in creating an ethical fashion that not only allows people to look good but helps them DO good too. When you buy from a brand, it’s becoming increasingly important to know who made your clothes and what they are doing [...]

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Sustainable From Bean to Brew

As we approach the anniversary of launching Together Coffee, we wanted to take a little time out to talk about the lifespan of your coffee beans. While most of us only see the end result of products we purchase, it’s important when moving to a more sustainable lifestyle that we acknowledge the whole life cycle of what we consume.  It’s easy to become disconnected from the process of how our food makes it from farm to our homes. But when we don’t pay attention, it becomes easier and easier for companies to reduce their commitment to manufacturing practices that [...]

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What We’re Reading, Listening, Learning, and Watching in May

This month our mind is fully on home design. We’ve been discovering some seriously fantastic BIPOC women who are brightening spaces with their house warming style. and we’ve launched our very own home decor products. Whether it’s the food you eat, the time you spend in your outdoor space, or the handmade touches you add to a room, these women will improve the space you call home. Reading Let’s face it, one of the things that really make a house a home is the meals you prepare inside of it. Hosting events, sharing a meal with friends, cooking  with [...]

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Trend Alert: Dressing Up Again

Raise those hands if the last year or so has been spent in a yoga-pants-wearing, slipper shuffling, top-knot styling comfort cocoon. Working remotely, homeschooling, and quarantining hasn’t demanded a lot of us, stylistically, right? But we welcome the change. The weather is warming up and things are migrating towards a slow reopening, we’d like to hereby declare that dressing up is in and it might be time to put some of our cozy home gear back in the drawer. The Impact of Dressing Up As we start to come out of the fog of 2020, we must introduce healthy [...]

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4 Ways to Give Mom the Gift of Time

If you were to ask just about any mom what she wants for Mother’s Day the majority would say: time. It’s our most precious commodity and, frankly, the scarcest. Between careers, soccer practice, side hustles, science projects, meal preparation, baths and laundry… oh the laundry, a mom’s day is usually 16+ hours of nonstop work. While we believe every mom deserves something beautiful to unwrap on her special Sunday, we also feel strongly that time should be a part of what you give back this year. Give her a WHOLE Day Off… EVERY MONTH Oh yeah, you heard us. [...]

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April showers bring May flowers. The phrase insinuates that the heavy rainfall in April will bring about the blooms in May. We all know that making our way through the murky waters of a difficult season will bear something beautiful on the other side. But, May has come and gone a few times and we’re still experiencing the rain.  The surge of violence against marginalized groups continues. Hate-fueled attacks on Asian Americans have spiked across major U.S. cities last year — in some cases by triple-digit percentages.  We all know we can do more, read more and listen more. [...]

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Is this fashion brand sustainable?

Understanding what is sustainable can be overwhelming. Many brands buried the truth in clever marketing language meant to imply their sustainable efforts. However, we want to help you set your standards for what sustainability looks like.  Here are a few ways you can tell if you’re truly shopping sustainably or not. Some of these efforts are laid out clearly by brands, others are and below we’ll help you determine what to look for: Their environmental impact The treatment of workers  Materials being used Yes, there is a trend toward sustainable everything, but, sadly, the fashion industry has a history [...]

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The Journey from Hobbyist to a Business Builder

Before someone decides to join as a Sseko Fellow, there are often many moments of hesitation. Not because they aren’t capable. Not because they don’t like the brand. But because they aren’t sure they can make the leap from someone who likes quality, fair-trade fashion to someone promoting it for the purpose of generating their own income. But the Sseko Fellow program is designed for everyone from hobbyists who would like to earn some cash all the way to Fellows who desire to build teams and grow a business. No matter what type of Fellow you’ll be, there’s a [...]

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Spring and Summer Footwear is Here

By March, we’re all ready to ditch the boots and go for something cute and sleek. Whether you’re all about the classic lip on sandal, you desire something strappy, or you still need a little toe coverage through the cool early spring months, we’ve got you covered. Always made with the highest quality materials. Always handcrafted by artisans earning a fair wage in a safe work environment. And, of course, always versatile in style. What are you waiting for? We know you’re already planning that beach vacay! The Cloud Mule in Woven Caramel If you haven’t gotten yourself a [...]

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Custom Shop Creations for Mother’s Day Celebrations

Remember the good ol’ days when you would make mom a necklace, or a card or a piece of art? Something about a personalized gift just gives people all the feels. As an adult, you may think the opportunity to give a totally unique, handmade gift to mom is out of the question.  The Custom Shop is here to put the cool in crafting again. You can design a totally unique look for mom out of the highest quality materials. And while, yes, it’s handmade, you aren’t going to suddenly have to become a master crafter.  Order by March [...]

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Women’s History Month: Sseko Celebrates Today’s Changemakers

This month we are celebrating all the women who make the world run! From past generations who laid the foundation to future-shaping firecrackers setting the pace for the next era of female leaders, we have much to be thankful for.  Over on social media, we are highlighting some inspirational heavy-hitters who shaped history. On the blog today, we want to shout out everyday women carving out HERstory right now through leadership, advocacy, and entrepreneurship. Luvvie Ajayi A recent guest on Liz Bohannon’s Plucking Up podcast, Luvvie Ajayi is a world-renowned speaker, advocate, author, podcaster, comedian, and TEDTalker extraordinaire. Her [...]

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The Responsible Packaging Movement

Sustainability is a pillar of the Sseko brand. Being a verified member of the Fair Trade Federation, providing livable wages, and being both environmentally and socially conscious is extremely important to us. But far be it from us to pretend like there’s no room for improvement! One key initiative for us in 2021 is to reduce (and someday entirely remove!) plastic waste from our packaging. The fashion industry is a big contributor to industrial waste, and we’re determined to help lead the industry to a brighter, cleaner future. To that end, we are proud to announce we’ve joined the [...]

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What We’re Reading, Learning, Watching, and Listening to in February

This month, as we celebrate Black History Month, we want to continue to spotlight Black women and other people of color. It is as important now as it ever was to keep the conversation alive and to move the needle forward. World leaders come and go and can slide the scale in one direction or the other to some extent, but we still believe in our core that real change and actual equality comes from daily work done by ordinary, everyday people. It comes from knowing your neighbor, having hard conversations, and truly hearing each other’s stories, pain, and [...]

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Meet Reyna: The Artist Behind the VITA Spring Look

This month we are so excited to have our Spring line in full bloom, but we are particularly in love with our VITA print. We want you to get to know Reyna Noriega, the illustrator behind the look and an artist with an eye for the future. Reyna’s vibrance and boldness are an eye-catching addition to any wardrobe, but her intention will give you a style really worth talking about.  About Reyna Reyna Noriega is a 27-year-old Afro-Latina author, educator, and visual artist. For her, art has always been a tool by which she could dive deeper into herself. [...]

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Spring Launch 2021 is VITA

Hello Spring, you gorgeous sunny thing. We see you just around the corner! The weather may still be a little cool, but your wardrobe is ready for a warm-up. Start shedding the dark hues and the rubber shoes, it’s time for the first Sseko launch of 2021. A longtime favorite leather color is back! An explosive, vibrant print will help you beat the wintertime blues and we know you’ll (man)go crazy for the new jewelry looks. Are you ready? Vita This print is LIFE both in name and in style. Spirited, tropical, and totally bold, you will not be [...]

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What We’re Reading, Watching, Listening, and Learning in January

As we enter a new year, there is always the temptation to leave the past behind us. Never before has that urge been so strong as with 2020, perhaps. But the past is never the past and in order to move forward, we have to acknowledge the value of reflection.  For many, last year was a wake-up call in terms of the war cry that rang out from the BIPOC community. We heard their stories, saw their pain, and acknowledged their fear, but we can’t just let that knowledge fade. As we set goals and direct our intention, we [...]

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A Leadership Gathering Like No Other

Like everything else in 2020, leadership was a little different. Virtual hangouts was the name of the game. However, despite that being the case, we still felt on fire from all the amazing interactions. Our theme of last year’s gathering was Imagine + Ignite and we felt as invigorated as ever by the collaborations. Our top Fellows took some time out to share their favorite moments, key takeaways, and all the ways they are thriving and making a difference in an ever-changing environment.  If you’ve ever wondered if you could make it as a Sseko Fellow then A) we [...]

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New Year’s Resolutions and the Brave Jewelry Collection

The new year is a time for fresh starts, goal setting, and intentions. It can be an uplifting exercise in exploring your hopes and dreams. Or it can be a rigorous repeat of “what-ifs” and “maybe somedays.”  For many of us, the practice of setting resolutions is a week filled with hopeful, renewed energy, followed by a steady decline away from those January 1st wishes. But doesn’t everyone desire to stick with whatever it is they are dreaming of? Don’t you long for a year where you see your resolutions all the way through to the end and look [...]

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Our Wish for You

As we wrap up 2020 and we have all the magical seasonal vibes, we want to make a few wishes for our community. We know it has been a year unlike any other, but we believe greatness is still in the cards for anyone with pluck. Whether you’re a Sseko Fellow, scholar, host, customer, or a person out there working hard and looking for light, we want these things for you. Peace No, this isn’t a Miss America pageant. What we wish for is your peace of mind. Lightness in your heart. And contentment in your soul.  We have [...]

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Last-Minute Gifts for Learners

If 2020 has done nothing else, it has awoken many people to the injustices in the modern world. Though Covid-19 has dominated much of the headlines, lingering, systemic racism has been brought to mainstream attention in new ways this year. While news coverage may die down, our resolve to promote equality and equity must not. As we round the corner towards 2021, it’s important we don’t forget everything we have learned thus far and that we constantly strive for better. If we’re going to improve and grow, we all must be open to learning, as anti-racism is a lifelong [...]

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12 Days of Holiday Gifts

There is not a lot of time left! The gift-giving season is here and we want to make it easy on you. With Sseko, you know you’re not only getting quality and style, but you’re also bettering the world. By buying fair trade fashion and coffee, you’re supporting industries often exploited overseas. When you shop Sseko, you’re also contributing to higher education for women across the world and supporting a small business right here at home.  Win-Win-Win-Win. So why shop anywhere else this season? We have a look for all the ladies you love! And the giving back vibes [...]

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Making A Difference for Colombian Coffee Farmers

If you’re in a gift-giving rut, we have just the thing to break you out of it. The Together Coffee line has already brought a beautiful bold Ugandan coffee, as well as a delicate, light roast and rich and dark decaf roast from Ethiopia. Now, for a limited time, we’re offering a Colombian holiday roast with notes of butter toffee and orange that will compliment any seasonal gathering. (All Together Coffee is 100% natural. The tasting notes come from how the beans were grown and roasted -- just like fine wine!) Included with this specialty roast is a tumbler [...]

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Holiday Jewelry, East Asia Partners, and Ending Exploitation

Our Sseko community is no stranger to the truly essential need for fair-trade operations in the fashion industry. Over the years, you’ve seen women in Uganda and other parts of the world receive education, earn fair wages, and work in safe environments as a direct result of your involvement with Sseko. This year, we’re pleased to be collaborating with another product partner seeking to liberate and elevate women in the most vulnerable of conditions. Worldwide, nearly 25 million people are trafficked for forced labor, of that, 4.8 million adults and children are trafficked specifically for sexual exploitation. An astounding [...]

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What We’re Thankful For

This year has presented some especially unique challenges for everyone. As we’ve all fought to find our footing in an uncertain time, it’s easy to get lost in the struggles and forget the triumphs. We are thankful every year for our customers, our Sseko Fellows, and our teams working hard all over the world. But our gratitude has absolutely exploded this year as we watched everyone work harder than ever to adapt, grow, and thrive in this new landscape.  Individually, we have all had a chance to reflect on the things in our personal life too that have flourished [...]

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Beccause of Sseko

Over the years we’ve seen so many Fellows reach unimaginable goals with their Sseko business. We are constantly impressed and amazed by the creativity,  heart, and ambition inside this community.  This week, we are celebrating some of the stunning women who have achieved big dreams with their Sseko income. From savvy side hustlers to the fabulous full-timers, there is room for everyone in this club! But it isn’t just about the Benjamins. This group of women has also found sisterhood, sustainability, and products that go far beyond fashion.  Dignified Work for All One of our Fellows’ favorite parts about [...]

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What We’re Reading, Watching, Learning, and Listening to in November

As we wind down towards the end of the year, we’re continuing to be inspired by some amazing voices in the BIPOC community. Education, communication, and action have to be continuous. Growth doesn’t come from a brief social uprising in response to a crisis, it comes from constant engagement. Here are some of the stories speaking to our hearts this month.  Reading: The Purpose of Power: How We Come Together When We Fall Apart by Alicia Garza  This book from Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza has been described as a “must-read” by Congresswoman Barbara Lee. Author of How [...]

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Masks: The Unexpected Accessory of 2020

If you haven’t heard yet, Sseko is in the mask business now. We see our sisters and we hear your call for protective coverings that are as comfortable as they are stylish. If you haven’t yet, make sure you give our collection a look! We have five different patterns offered, and each one features comfortable elastic loops to fit any face as well as an adjustable nose bridge for the perfect fit.  Face Mask in Pink Swirls Face Mask in Brush Stroke Face Mask in Blossom Face Mask in Plume Each mask is $14.99, two-ply with a bottom opening [...]

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Custom Gifts For Your Whole List

We love this time of year. Giving is at its peak. Fashion is front and center. And everyone is looking for the perfect, personal gift to give their loved ones. Sure, you could go with a gift card and make it easy, but we know you’re the kind of giver who likes to add a unique touch. And nothing says “I got this especially for you!” like an order from our Custom Shop! There are literally hundreds of ways you can mix and match, style and personalize to come up with creations that your loved ones won’t see anywhere [...]

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Holiday 2020 Gift Guide

‘Tis the season to start shopping! But this year more than ever, going out and mingling in the holiday crowd is a little less than appealing. Make Sseko your one-stop shop for ALL the women in your life. There is something here for everyone. Your daughter, your mom, your wife… and even a few fantastic finds for the fellas. Best of Bags  All we want for Christmas… is LEATHER. There is really nothing better than a new bag. It’s versatile, long-lasting, and says “I wanted to get you something ultra special this year.” Get the U-Zip Backpack for your [...]

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The Holidays Are Here: 2020 Holiday Collection!

It’s the last launch of 2020! We’re so excited to share this collection with you. This one is going to get you all ready for the shopping season. Ready or not, here’s the last drop of the year… are you ready for zebra and druzy and rose gold, oh my!? Reversible Beaded Crossbody Clutch and Coin Purse in Zebra You know we like to get wild over here, but this beaded zebra pattern is as striking as it is subtle. The delicate colors mixed with the textured beads creates a sophistication all its own. It is the bag you’ll [...]

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#TogetherCoffee and PSL 4Ever

There are some fall staples we just can’t live without. Fuzzy socks by the fire. Hocus Pocus playing on a loop. And Pumpkin Spice in your coffee.  Our team at Sseko HQ are Pumpkin Spice OBSESSED + have the perfect Pumpkin Spice cream recipe that perfectly complements any of our Together Coffee roasts!  Note: This recipe was originally made to complement Together Coffee made as a cold brew, however, it also blends perfectly with hot coffee! To view our coffee brewing guides please select one of the following: COLD BREW / EVERYTHING /  CHEMEX / FRENCH PRESS What You’ll [...]

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Reading, Shopping, Listening and Learning in October

We are so here for fuzzy socks, oversized sweatshirts, a cup of #TogetherCoffee, and some couch time while we get into the best binging, browsing, and buying season of the year. There are so many amazing women to celebrate out there and we have loved getting to know other fashion brands, hearing stories from perspectives all over the country and the world, and get cuddled up with some great reads and life-changing lessons. Don't forget to share the BIPOC artists, creators and educators you're listening to and learning from in the comments! Reading: Ties That Tether by Jane Igharo [...]

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Building a Business with Coffee: How Our Fellows Are Earning a Sustainable Income with Together Coffee

We launched Together Coffee in June and since then it has been making a profound impact on our Fellows community, their families, and their businesses.  As a company, we’d been dreaming up a coffee brand for a while now and had plans to see it come to fruition with the launch of our fall collection, but once Covid-19 hit and businesses around the world started shutting down, it became clear that we needed to take action on this idea as soon as possible in order to ensure we could take care of team both globally and here in the [...]

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September Reading Watching Shopping

What We’re Reading, Watching, and Shopping in September Every month we are putting the spotlight on the BIPOC creators catching our eye. We are watching, reading, shopping, listening to, and learning from vibrant designers, writers, educators, and more! Share who is inspiring your day in the comments. Reading Transcendent Kingdom by Yaa Gyasi This month, Yaa Gyasi dropped a stunning follow-up to her national bestseller ‘Homegoing’ in this stunning novel about a Ghanaian family in Alabama. A Ph.D. candidate in neuroscience at the Stanford University School of Medicine, Gifty is studying depression and addiction. Two subjects were particularly close [...]

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Wait There’s More: Introducing Drop 2

You thought we were done? Oh no… we have a Fall 2020 part TWO and we’re so excited to finally share it with you! Moody florals, rich leather hues, tee shirts with impact, a new pattern for the Multiway Shawl, and more are HERE!. Midnight Bloom In autumn, one of the things we miss most is florals. Well, we’re changing the springtime = flowers mindset with the new Midnight Bloom pattern. Available in the Split Seam Blouse, headbands, our full-length Kaftan, the Chiffon Skirt, a bandana, a scarf, and, of course, the Multiway Shawl. We were chomping at the [...]

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5 Ways to Support Your Student and Your Sanity This Back to School Season

This year has been a nonstop series of unexpected events. As we head into a school year like no other in our history, many parents and kids are experiencing anxiety and stress. Whether you’re working from home and managing remote learning or returning your children to school knowing that the environment has drastically changed, your feelings are valid.  We know we can all get through this TOGETHER, but it’s going to take more than the average back-to-school pep talk to overcome the discomfort 2020 has delivered. Morning Dance Party Yep. You heard us. Crank up some tunes and get [...]

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Why Should I Shop Fair-Trade?

We are big believers in the importance of fair trade, but many coming to Sseko are learning about this certification for the first time. In an age where people are becoming increasingly conscientious about where they shop, how their products are made and who is making them, fair trade knowledge is a means by which you can start to shape how you shop.  What is fair trade? Fair Trade USA® describes it like this: “Fair-trade is a global movement made up of a diverse network of producers, companies, consumers, advocates, and organizations putting people and planet first.” Fair-trade establishes [...]

What We’re Reading, Watching, Shopping, and Listening to in August

As summer starts winding down these BIPOC leaders are heating things up. From delightful cooking shows we’re catching up on to beautiful words that strike our soul, these are the women breathing life and knowledge into our lives. Reading The Death of Vivek Oji, Akwaeke Emezi  “Emezi offers a richly textured depiction of a middle-class community in Nigeria . . . Vividly written and deeply affecting.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review) Akwaeke is both a young adult and adult fiction author whose work has caught the eye the New York Times Notable Book, the PEN/Hemingway Award, the NYPL Young Lions [...]

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The Fall 2020 Beyond Collection

The leaves haven’t started falling yet, but we totally are. We’re dropping new styles for Fall in two phases and today we want to introduce to you the first half of the collection. A gorgeous array of transitional looks that won’t have you overheating on the warm, end-of-summer days, but will give you all the feels of swapping your seasonal wardrobe. Allow us to introduce the Fall 2020 Beyond Collection. With brand new pieces and the return of some fan favorites, we know you’re going to be as excited as we are.  Apparel  Handwoven Stardust Ikat We’re thrilled to [...]

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How to Build a Business and a Marriage in Quarantine

Would you rather have to listen to your spouse conduct a 4th zoom meeting for the day or conduct your 4th zoom meeting of the day?  Would you rather stare at your spouse’s desk collection of dirty water cups and coffee mugs or build a wall partition so you can happily ignore it.  Sheltering in place has forced many people to spend more time than ever with their partners. Gone are the evenings of sharing your day since you mostly shared every moment already. We’re all spending so much time with our significant other that it’s difficult to find [...]

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What We’re Watching, Reading, Watching, Shopping, and Listening to in July

We are so excited about our monthly round-up of incredible content being created by members of the BIPOC community. From books on our TBR (to be read) list to fashion designers we’re eyeing, we want to make sure that those who catch our attention are also on your radar!  What are you following/loving/shopping/reading and listening to? Share the love by telling us in the comments! Shopping  We are dazzled by the vibrancy of Lauren Good Day’s Instagram. The Indigenous designer’s recent collection, Matriarch, is a glorious combination of modern and tradition.  “Exemplifying cultural aesthetics of the Mandan, Hidatsa & [...]

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How to Brew Coffee at Home Like a Pro

Raise your hand if you lost your favorite coffee shop during the nationwide stay home orders? Even if it was just temporary, those realities forced a lot of people to seek at-home options for a lot of daily desires: entertainment, meals, and, yes, our sacred, beloved coffee.  So if you started to get the hang of home brewing during the shutdowns and enjoyed the savings and experimentation, here are some suggestions for leveling up your barista skills. Bolster Your Beans We all start out with a big brand K-cup or a tin of grounds our parents grew up on. [...]

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3 Birthday Looks for Any Occasion

It’s our birthday and we are ready to paaaaaarty! With you.  This month we will celebrate our 11th birthday. That’s right, we’re officially business pre-teens. And while we’d love to have a sleepover with bad 80’s movies and popcorn, this year we will be blowing out our candles with a week-long sale. Every 24 hours we’ll be dropping a surprise discount. 7 DAYS! 7 DEALS! Each only lasts one day so you’ll have to act fast, but we’ll have bags, shoes, jewelry, and more at some seriously low prices. So make sure you get yourself a gift! We can’t [...]

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10 Ways 10 Days Sseko Social Challenge

There’s something to be said about a great piece that can go with everything. And we love to see the way our customers and Fellows mix it up. So right now we are doing a “10 Ways 10 Days” challenge to see how far your creativity goes.  You only need to own one Sseko item to participate. We want to see how you can take a single item and make it stylish in ten different ways. Dress it up, dress it down. Make it silly, make it chic.  Every person who completes ALL10 days of the challenge and submits [...]

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