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Meet Sseko’s Supporting Staff!

While we were visiting our incredible team in Uganda, we were able to spend more time with other staff members who work behind the scenes to manifest the mission of Sseko! We are super excited to introduce you to our Supporting Staff through this blog post! Geoffrey Role at Sseko UG: Production Manager Employed Since: October 2018 What do you love most about working at Sseko? I love leading a team of brilliant women and getting to the source of providing for families in our community. I get a lot of satisfaction in my work knowing [...]

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4 PIECES = 20 OUTFITS Liz, Co-Founder & CEO, shows off her favorite looks. Style Tip #1 Business Casual: Hopping out of a meeting or hopping into the weekend, the reversible qualities of the Wonder Collection have your back. Paired with trousers or jeans, you’re ready for any time of day with this stunning Reversible Blazer and Blouse. Shop the Look Style Tip #2: The Perfect Summer Slides:  Our Crossover Slides in this rich golden Caramel tone are your new ultimate go-to sandals this summer and looks great with jeans, skirts and everything in between. [...]

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Unexpected Answer to a Lifelong Dream: Brittany’s Story

My name is Brittany Ferris. I'm 31 years old, a cat mom, and happily married to my husband Devon. When I was a child. I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up: I wanted to be a mom and I wanted to be a missionary to Africa. Unfortunately, as life often goes, neither of those dreams ever came to fruition. Though I never went to Africa, it always held a special place in my heart. After I got married, my husband and I tried to start a biological family for 8 years. About 2 [...]

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Interview with Sarah Dubbeldam, Founder of Darling Magazine

Sarah Dubbeldam is a total boss. As the founder of Darling Magazine, she’s put her desire to see women uplifted into action and is making real waves of impact in the world. We were thrilled to have her model The Wonder Collection for Sseko and are excited to interview her today! You wear a lot of different hats! When someone asks what you do, how do you respond? As the founder of Darling, it’s my job to make sure that our mission to uplift women in their self-esteem and mental wellness flows seamlessly through all channels [...]

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Natasha: Lifelong Entrepreneur

When I was a little girl, I loved creating beaded jewelry. I would craft for hours with my little bead kit. Any time I got allowance money, I invested it in more beads. My parents always taught me that if you wanted something, you had to work for it. Although they provided a comfortable life for me, I was not just given everything I wanted. So I would take my little creations and lay them out on a card table in front of my mom’s apartment building with a caboodle full of coins I dug out of the [...]

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Sierra’s Sseko Story

Long, long ago, way back when the Fellows Program wasn't supposed to be a real thing, I found it, and made it my thing. I was in Jim Thorpe, PA with my Husband for my birthday weekend getting ready to hike our favorite place, Glen Onoko falls, and saw that there was a small festival going on around the train tracks. I immediately plastered myself to the window shouting "Look, a Fair! It's Jim Thorpe's Birthday too! Let's stop!" This might be a major indicator as to why the first brave piece I was ever gifted was Whimsy, but [...]

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Jessica: Reflecting on my first year as a Sseko Fellow

There are honestly so many things I love about Sseko but the one thing that keeps coming to my mind is the community. There is a special bond of friendships that happen when you become a Fellow and the relationships that happen with the amazing women in Uganda is so powerful. I love that we are all in this together. It’s not a race for someone to get there first, we are here to encourage one another and look at the bigger picture and dream together of an independent and bright future. […]

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“I quit my job at Sseko Headquarters, then I joined them on my own terms.”

As far as we know, it’s not a common practice to publish interviews with employees who have quit working at your company. But we do things a little differently here at Sseko, and we are excited to share this story!  Adrienne Del Monte was a core member of team Sseko at our headquarters in Portland, Oregon for two years. She interviewed nearly a thousand women who were starting their journeys as Sseko Fellows and helped shape our community into the vibrant and welcoming place that it is. She recently quit  her job at Sseko and we’re sharing an interview with [...]

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“I’m Running a Marathon in My Sseko Sandals”

When we found out that Sseko Fellow Pam Cooke is training for a marathon in her Sseko sandals, we could hardly believe it! Disclaimer: our sandals aren’t made with the intention of being running shoes, but Pam is taking her #ssekostyle to the next level! Check out what she’s doing… […]

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