New Year’s Resolutions and the Brave Jewelry Collection

The new year is a time for fresh starts, goal setting, and intentions. It can be an uplifting exercise in exploring your hopes and dreams. Or it can be a rigorous repeat of “what-ifs” and “maybe somedays.”  For many of us, the practice of setting resolutions is a week filled with hopeful, renewed energy, followed by a steady decline away from those January 1st wishes. But doesn’t everyone desire to stick with whatever it is they are dreaming of? Don’t you long for a year where you see your resolutions all the way through to the end and look [...]

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Brave Spotlight: Gale Straub of She Explores

In our Brave Spotlight series, we highlight rad women who are taking small steps every day towards a brighter future. This time, we’re excited to introduce you to Gale Straub, the incredible woman behind She Explores, a site dedicated to women pursuing bravery and sisterhood in the outdoors and beyond. We hope you’re as inspired by Gale as we are! […]

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Style by the Books | The Ace

Meet our brilliant-minded, justice-seeking friend, Lindsey Low! She is a true academic, approaching life and work with a curious mind and passion for change. A lifelong learner, Lindsey embodies the tenet of our Sseko Manifesto, ‘read good books and ask hard questions’! We hope you’re as captivated by her dreams, passions, and pixie cut as we are! Meet The Ace […]

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One Sseko Brave’s African Dream

After learning about a current project Sseko Brave Collective member Chido Dhliwayo is embarking on to help her mother publish a book, we were captivated by the story she is telling and the story of her mother, Letwina’s journey. While acclimatizing herself in Portland, Chido attended Portland State University and it was through an internship she had that crossed paths with Sseko. Sseko Designs had brought the documentary “Girl Rising” to Portland and it was there that Chido first learned about Sseko’s mission and ultimately joined the Sseko Brave Collective. It wasn’t long until Chido and Letwina began taking Brave steps together! We [...]

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Brave Spotlight: Malala Yousafzai

Welcome to The Brave Spotlight! This is the first post in a new series we’re launching on the blog, in which we highlight courageous women who are making a direct impact on the lives of women, both across the globe and right here at home. We are kicking off this series with a young woman you’re likely all familiar with, given her recent NOBEL PEACE PRIZE WIN! The lovely Malala Yousafzai. We’d love to share a bit of her journey here with you, as we’ve been captivated by her courage, audacity, and sheer resilience. Side note: if you haven’t read [...]

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{business will change the world}

The path that lead me to Sseko was a long and windy (windy as in twisty, not blustery. although, at times, the word blustery would have been appropriate) one.  Along the way I made some pit stops, mistakes, and friends.  One of these friends is named James. James is dreaming about the way business will change the world. Friends like James are among those who gave me a little extra umphh that I needed to take the plunge. Nothing like a “Well if he can change the world…” to kick me into action. […]

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“wait. so are you a non-profit? or a for-profit?” that’s a question i have gotten a lot. and this question serves to reinforce the common mentality about the mutual exclusivity of these two spheres. non-profits & for-profits. you do good. or you make money. and right now, that is about how it works. some companies make money. and then do some good with the profit. […]

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