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Jessica: Reflecting on my first year as a Sseko Fellow

There are honestly so many things I love about Sseko but the one thing that keeps coming to my mind is the community. There is a special bond of friendships that happen when you become a Fellow and the relationships that happen with the amazing women in Uganda is so powerful. I love that we are all in this together. It’s not a race for someone to get there first, we are here to encourage one another and look at the bigger picture and dream together of an independent and bright future. […]

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“I quit my job at Sseko Headquarters, then I joined them on my own terms.”

As far as we know, it’s not a common practice to publish interviews with employees who have quit working at your company. But we do things a little differently here at Sseko, and we are excited to share this story!  Adrienne Del Monte was a core member of team Sseko at our headquarters in Portland, Oregon for two years. She interviewed nearly a thousand women who were starting their journeys as Sseko Fellows and helped shape our community into the vibrant and welcoming place that it is. She recently quit  her job at Sseko and we’re sharing an interview with [...]

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“I’m Running a Marathon in My Sseko Sandals”

When we found out that Sseko Fellow Pam Cooke is training for a marathon in her Sseko sandals, we could hardly believe it! Disclaimer: our sandals aren’t made with the intention of being running shoes, but Pam is taking her #ssekostyle to the next level! Check out what she’s doing… […]

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The Freedom of Schedule

Meet Shanda, a woman powerhouse, who used Sseko to control her life and put her family first. Hear her story of how her life took a 180-degree turn for freedom and flexibility… Recently, I have been reflecting back to June 2017.  This was one of the hardest months of my life. After a bout of sickness, my youngest son Matteo, was diagnosed with epilepsy caused by fevers and overheating.  News no parent ever wants to hear.  I was fearful of not only his safety but what my life would now look like because of this change. […]

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Freedom to Become My Full Self in Sisterhood

Hear from Sseko Fellow Hope as she shares her experience with the Sseko Sisterhood from the virtual world to Uganda. This Sisterhood has shed light to her freedom… This Sseko Sisterhood of Fellows has been a delightful surprise and a gift of immeasurable value in my life. It is truly the greatest community I have ever been privileged to be a part of that is filled with some of my most favorite people in the world. […]

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Freedom to Travel

From traveling nearby states to crossing oceans, Sseko Fellow Sarah broke away from the cubicle and began checking off her traveling bucket list. Hear her story and freedoms as a Sseko Fellow… Travel gives life to my soul and brings joy to my world. I feel free on the road. I breathe more easily exploring. I feel alive meeting new people in new places. […]

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