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Uganda, Sseko’s home in Eastern Africa, is a lush and verdant country, containing a large portion of the renowned Lake Victoria, as well as the source of the Nile River. It is bordered by Kenya, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, and Tanzania. Uganda was originally named after the Buganda Kingdom which spread across most of the country, after which it was colonized by the British. Uganda acquired independence in October, 1962, and while it has suffered during some civil unrest, it is a fairly safe country, currently under the rule of Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. We asked the [...]

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An Evening with Aunt Florence

Time may be relative in Uganda, but relationships are dearly cherished. And spending time in relationship is very special. We finished up our day of work, and Aunt Florence and I squished into a taxi for the long transport to her house. I spend a lot of time with the Sseko women, hearing about their lives, their families, and their dreams. So I’m always thrilled to visit their homes to experience everything they’ve shared about, and to see the ladies really in their element. […]

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{ Introducing :: University Bound Girls 2013 }

Introducing... Our 2013 Class of University Bound Girls! Whoo, are we excited to introduce these 11 girls to the world! Esther, Immaculate, Loyce, Robinah, Sharon, Jackie Sr., Brenda, Juliet, Lillian, Jackie Jr., Dorine. You are most welcome! (as they say in Uganda) January marked the beginning of new jobs, new housemates, new experiences for these ladies. A group of 11, from a local leadership school that we partner with, have been accepted into our program. They will spend the next eight months at Sseko learning, working, and saving money to begin their university adventures. They spent their first few weeks [...]

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Sseko Graduate Spotlight :: Mary

Mary Attended: Makerere University Studied:  Social Development Mary is Sseko pioneer, one of our first three Sseko employees. We met with her to chat about what she was up to these days and what she has accomplished since her time at Sseko. Mary is a bit timid at first, and cute as a button. As she warms up, her playful and silly personality shines through and she has us all laughing. A part of Sseko from the beginning, Mary says that although the work was tiresome, she had a lot of fun. “We worked hard, but we had social interaction. [...]

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A Traditional Ugandan Christmas.

Christmas in Uganda is a joyful season, a quiet and reflective holiday. There is no snow on the ground. There are few decorations and lights spread over the city. It’s quite a stark contrast to the overwhelming celebrations and emotionally packed holiday traditions common in America. Our Sseko ladies explain that being surrounded by family and friends, savoring the peaceful day, and enjoying the food is what they love most about Christmas. […]

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Sole to Soul

How often do you think about the purchases you make and where they come from? How often do you think about the gift you are giving and the people who created it?   Your pair of Sseko sandals is not printed and pumped out of a machine. Each pair is carefully crafted, passing through the hands of the many talented and dedicated ladies on our sole team. From cutting to sewing, gluing to hammering, and all the way to checking, this team works together to produce excellent quality sole’s. Sseko sandals come from our hands to yours, from our soul’s [...]

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my my my my sharon-(a)

Meet Sharon. Sharon is the manager of the Strap Team and our most recent Employee of the Month. Sharon began working with Sseko last July (2011). Sharon is a trained seamstress, who has become an expert strap maker in her time at Sseko. Sharon was chosen to be a Team Leader because of her dedication, positive attitude, ability to humbly lead others, and her exemplary willingness to learn. She is compassionate towards her colleagues and is incredibly patient and gracious to those around her. That is also why she was selected as Employee of the Month. […]

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Moms RULE.

Mothers Day is quickly approaching (Oh, you didn’t know? You’re welcome.) The Sseko workshop in Kampala now employs 8 mothers. And get this: they range in age from young 20’s to upper 50’s. Talk about a support group! We have hip, young moms who dress in the latest fashions and have dreams for their young babies. We also have older mums who watch their kids graduate and pass out invitations to their weddings.   […]

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Well. Things around Sseko HQ have been busy. and I realized that it has been a just pitiful amount of time since i last updated you, Internet. And then I realized that the last several updates I’ve done have been more about my subconscious and whimsical wanderings than actually letting you know What. Is. Up. So here is what’s up. […]

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{lesson learned}

Hi from Uganda!! For those of you who are not already aware, I am currently in Uganda–getting ready to hire our next round of Sseko girls! Yay!! I am anxioulsy awaiting their arrival on the 17th. People, I just can’t wait to meet these girls. But in the meantime I am preparing for their arrival doing less exciting, more businessey things. Today was my first day on the ground. Although it has been over a year since I was last here, everything is wrapped in this wonderful, comfortable sense of familiarity. The friends, the smells, the sights and sounds. It [...]

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{deep breath: we’re back}

Hi Friends! Lest you thought we had long forgotten all of our e-friends and family–we are back in the blogpshere! (Pause for long, but appropriate reunion hug) Like many of you, we are still trying to catch our breath from the whirlwind of the holidays–a whirlwind that we did not quite expect. […]

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{business will change the world}

The path that lead me to Sseko was a long and windy (windy as in twisty, not blustery. although, at times, the word blustery would have been appropriate) one.  Along the way I made some pit stops, mistakes, and friends.  One of these friends is named James. James is dreaming about the way business will change the world. Friends like James are among those who gave me a little extra umphh that I needed to take the plunge. Nothing like a “Well if he can change the world…” to kick me into action. […]

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{do you like me? circle yes or no}

Here is the most recent update from our Awesome Possum summer intern, Kelley.  I hope you read with as much enthusiasm as I did: These last few weeks have felt more like the beginning of an awkward middle school relationship than anything.  Uganda and I really really like each other. From the moment we met, we’ve been flirting and laughing almost nonstop.  It’s been fantastic. However, when we sit down to talk, we’re both fumbling around to find common ground. There are so many barriers that prevent that connection that I know is there. Somewhere.  Usually we just end up [...]

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{ …the lightbulb moment…}

{this is also from my time in Uganda} Alright. So, the time has come. This post has been like a little bug in my ear (which is serious symbolism when you live in Africa and often wake up to…well, bugs in your ears…) for weeks now. But this is coming from the girl, who in a single twenty-four hour period is convinced she is going to: go to law school, become a mid-wife, start an ad agency, do voice-overs for cartoons and move to Switzerland to become an ice-climbing instructor. Needless to say, I have a lot of ideas, and [...]

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