What We’re Reading, Watching, Listening to, Learning in October

In the excitement leading up to the highly-anticipated season of giving, we are pausing now to focus on how to nurture healthier connections and conversations with ourselves and others this holiday season.  The holidays can be a time of high stress and busyness. But what if that’s not what you really want? What if you want something more intentional and laidback? Today, we’re sharing what we’ve been reading, watching, listening, and learning to help you decipher what it is you need and the type of interactions you genuinely want to have over peppermint hot cocoa. Reading [...]

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What We’re Reading, Watching, Listening to, Learning in September

This new month means we are inching closer to the end of 2021 and with that comes a desire to close chapters and tie loose ends. But we will continue to make it a priority to read and learn about the inspired work of the BIPOC community. There is an immense amount of content out in the world that is shouting to get out into the hands of more people so we can learn about their stories. We are sharing just a few in this month’s post. Reading This memoir dives deep into the experience of being both Black [...]

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We are halfway through 2021 and it almost seems like we just appeared here. Yes, we have had a much better year than last, and we have slowly been able to regain some normalcy—but even with new opportunities, time has been a great resource for discovering the potential blessings the past challenges are bringing us. In that vein, that’s why we’re bringing you some #realtalk this month with our favorite things to read, watch, and listen to this month. Reading “How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life” by Lily Singh, is one we caught ourselves laughing [...]

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Reading, Watching, Listening, Learning: Throwback Edition

There’s something about a throwback we just can’t get enough of. Between Cruel Summer’s constant 90’s vibes and a Friend’s reunion we couldn’t love more, we’re thinking about all the things we loved about the last decade of the 20th century. No high-speed internet. Butterfly clips. Overuse of the phrase “as if.” This decade was nothing if not memorable. Today we’re talking about a few throwbacks you can indulge that will have you feeling the 90s vibes even more. Reading What’s better than reading a post-apocalyptic novel written in the 90s about the year 2025 by one of the [...]

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Reading, Watching, Listening, Learning: Travel Edition

We officially have travel brain. Whether you’re taking your first vacation since summer 2019 or you have a staycation on the books, all our minds tend to wander a bit this time of year. As things reopen and we prep for travel or just the summer slows down, we’ll be taking these gems with us. As for the Sseko team, our mind usually goes to Uganda. Where does your mind go? Reading  This month, Najwa Zebian debuted her memoir Welcome Home: A Guide to Building a Home for Your Soul. While we may be in “get out of the [...]

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4 Ways to Give Mom the Gift of Time

If you were to ask just about any mom what she wants for Mother’s Day the majority would say: time. It’s our most precious commodity and, frankly, the scarcest. Between careers, soccer practice, side hustles, science projects, meal preparation, baths and laundry… oh the laundry, a mom’s day is usually 16+ hours of nonstop work. While we believe every mom deserves something beautiful to unwrap on her special Sunday, we also feel strongly that time should be a part of what you give back this year. Give her a WHOLE Day Off… EVERY MONTH Oh yeah, you heard us. [...]

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Last-Minute Gifts for Learners

If 2020 has done nothing else, it has awoken many people to the injustices in the modern world. Though Covid-19 has dominated much of the headlines, lingering, systemic racism has been brought to mainstream attention in new ways this year. While news coverage may die down, our resolve to promote equality and equity must not. As we round the corner towards 2021, it’s important we don’t forget everything we have learned thus far and that we constantly strive for better. If we’re going to improve and grow, we all must be open to learning, as anti-racism is a lifelong [...]

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What We’re Reading, Watching, Learning, and Listening to in November

As we wind down towards the end of the year, we’re continuing to be inspired by some amazing voices in the BIPOC community. Education, communication, and action have to be continuous. Growth doesn’t come from a brief social uprising in response to a crisis, it comes from constant engagement. Here are some of the stories speaking to our hearts this month.  Reading: The Purpose of Power: How We Come Together When We Fall Apart by Alicia Garza  This book from Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza has been described as a “must-read” by Congresswoman Barbara Lee. Author of How [...]

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What We’re Reading, Watching, Shopping, and Listening to in August

As summer starts winding down these BIPOC leaders are heating things up. From delightful cooking shows we’re catching up on to beautiful words that strike our soul, these are the women breathing life and knowledge into our lives. Reading The Death of Vivek Oji, Akwaeke Emezi  “Emezi offers a richly textured depiction of a middle-class community in Nigeria . . . Vividly written and deeply affecting.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review) Akwaeke is both a young adult and adult fiction author whose work has caught the eye the New York Times Notable Book, the PEN/Hemingway Award, the NYPL Young Lions [...]

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What We’re Watching, Reading, Watching, Shopping, and Listening to in July

We are so excited about our monthly round-up of incredible content being created by members of the BIPOC community. From books on our TBR (to be read) list to fashion designers we’re eyeing, we want to make sure that those who catch our attention are also on your radar!  What are you following/loving/shopping/reading and listening to? Share the love by telling us in the comments! Shopping  We are dazzled by the vibrancy of Lauren Good Day’s Instagram. The Indigenous designer’s recent collection, Matriarch, is a glorious combination of modern and tradition.  “Exemplifying cultural aesthetics of the Mandan, Hidatsa & [...]

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