Custom Shop Creations for Mother’s Day Celebrations

Remember the good ol’ days when you would make mom a necklace, or a card or a piece of art? Something about a personalized gift just gives people all the feels. As an adult, you may think the opportunity to give a totally unique, handmade gift to mom is out of the question.  The Custom Shop is here to put the cool in crafting again. You can design a totally unique look for mom out of the highest quality materials. And while, yes, it’s handmade, you aren’t going to suddenly have to become a master crafter.  Order by March [...]

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Custom Gifts For Your Whole List

We love this time of year. Giving is at its peak. Fashion is front and center. And everyone is looking for the perfect, personal gift to give their loved ones. Sure, you could go with a gift card and make it easy, but we know you’re the kind of giver who likes to add a unique touch. And nothing says “I got this especially for you!” like an order from our Custom Shop! There are literally hundreds of ways you can mix and match, style and personalize to come up with creations that your loved ones won’t see anywhere [...]

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