Sseko Tee Styling Guide

Every one of us probably has a handful of tees hanging out in our closet— and actually, there may be more hiding inside that dresser over there. Everyone loves a good tee! They're extremely comfortable and you can wear them almost anywhere but they usually aren’t much of a statement piece on their own. That’s why we wanted to collect a few tips that will help you see the true potential in your tees. Add Some Jewelry The great thing about a good tee is that you can elevate its look by modifying how you wear it or adding [...]

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4 Ways to Give Mom the Gift of Time

If you were to ask just about any mom what she wants for Mother’s Day the majority would say: time. It’s our most precious commodity and, frankly, the scarcest. Between careers, soccer practice, side hustles, science projects, meal preparation, baths and laundry… oh the laundry, a mom’s day is usually 16+ hours of nonstop work. While we believe every mom deserves something beautiful to unwrap on her special Sunday, we also feel strongly that time should be a part of what you give back this year. Give her a WHOLE Day Off… EVERY MONTH Oh yeah, you heard us. [...]

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5 Ways to Support Your Student and Your Sanity This Back to School Season

This year has been a nonstop series of unexpected events. As we head into a school year like no other in our history, many parents and kids are experiencing anxiety and stress. Whether you’re working from home and managing remote learning or returning your children to school knowing that the environment has drastically changed, your feelings are valid.  We know we can all get through this TOGETHER, but it’s going to take more than the average back-to-school pep talk to overcome the discomfort 2020 has delivered. Morning Dance Party Yep. You heard us. Crank up some tunes and get [...]

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How to Brew Coffee at Home Like a Pro

Raise your hand if you lost your favorite coffee shop during the nationwide stay home orders? Even if it was just temporary, those realities forced a lot of people to seek at-home options for a lot of daily desires: entertainment, meals, and, yes, our sacred, beloved coffee.  So if you started to get the hang of home brewing during the shutdowns and enjoyed the savings and experimentation, here are some suggestions for leveling up your barista skills. Bolster Your Beans We all start out with a big brand K-cup or a tin of grounds our parents grew up on. [...]

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3 Ways to Innovate in Business During a Crisis

Covid-19 has deeply and profoundly disrupted the lives of most people all around the world. It has affected the way that we do most things including the way we spend money, engage in our communities, and participate in our economy.  As a result, many businesses have unfortunately shut down, suspended operations temporarily, or have been forced to pivot their entire model of doing business to stay alive and relevant amidst current circumstances.   No matter if you’re a large international corporation or a small business, staying nimble could mean the difference between packing it up or thriving in [...]

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5 Books That Will Inspire You to Shop Sustainably

So many of us are trying to bring more sustainability into our everyday lives. How we eat, how we drive, and of course where we shop has been impacted by this desire. When it comes to fashion it’s hard to know where to start. Do you throw all your big box items in the trash today? Do you start making your own clothes out of old bedsheets? Do you only buy locally made products? In celebration of World Book Day, we wanted to offer five fantastic books for making more sustainable fashion choices in 2020. In 2012, [...]

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Tips for Working From Home from Fellows Who’ve Been Doing It For Years

Working from home has been increasing in popularity year over year. The more virtual business models that emerge the more people are trading their work wardrobes for leggings and t-shirts as they shift from a corner office in the city to a corner desk in their spare room.  With the emergence of social distancing, people who never even intended to operate virtually are now working from home and others whose industries have been hit hard, they are seeking online employment.  So many of our Fellows have made a living from the comfort of their couch and during [...]

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Under the Mango Tree: A Look Back at Our Recent Trip to Uganda

Sseko Fellows Travel to Uganda for a trip of a lifetime! Over the past year, we’ve been waiting and planning our special annual incentive Sseko Fellows trip to Uganda … and we’re thrilled to share IT HAS HAPPENED! Sseko recently took our top leaders to Uganda for an all-expenses-paid trip to learn and understand how the products they’re selling are made and to connect with our amazing team of women in Uganda. The greatest part is … these 14 Sseko Fellows earned their way onto this trip, [...]

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5 Subscription Boxes That Make a Global Impact

Subscription boxes have skyrocketed in popularity over the last several years. There used to only be general boxes on the market that included a wide variety of items, but as the consumers began to warm up to the idea of new products being delivered to them each month, niche boxes started popping up. We’re such a huge fan of subscription boxes because it allows you to discover new products you might not have otherwise purchased, discounted merchandise, and a new present on your doorstep each month is a lovely thing to look forward to.  But as subscription boxes rise [...]


4 PIECES = 20 OUTFITS Liz, Co-Founder & CEO, shows off her favorite looks. Style Tip #1 Business Casual: Hopping out of a meeting or hopping into the weekend, the reversible qualities of the Wonder Collection have your back. Paired with trousers or jeans, you’re ready for any time of day with this stunning Reversible Blazer and Blouse. Shop the Look Style Tip #2: The Perfect Summer Slides:  Our Crossover Slides in this rich golden Caramel tone are your new ultimate go-to sandals this summer and looks great with jeans, skirts and everything in between. [...]

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A Bride Shares 6 Steps to Creating a Sustainable Wedding

We love hearing from ethical fashion experts like Keira of Style Me Fair! Keira’s goal was to make her wedding as sustainable as possible and she took the time to share some tips for planning a wedding as a conscious consumer! Read on for some super practical tips on how you can do the same for your environmentally-minded matrimony. After watching the documentary The True Cost, Keira made the decision to plan her wedding with sustainability in mind. She committed to: Only shop secondhand Or purchasing items from companies with ethical and sustainable practices On her blog, Style Me [...]

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Sseko’s Founder (and Mom of almost two!) Dishes Her Fave Baby Products!

Although I’ve always loved a good life hack, being a mama of a BUSY toddler (and his soon to be little brother!) has made me a FOOL for anything that can save a little time, energy or sanity. To be honest, I’ve never had a strong loyalty to a specific line of baby products. I’m more like a once I get particularly desperate I’ll run to Target while likely multitasking on a conference call and shove something that looks remotely like what I need into the cart kinda mom. WHATEVER WORKS. […]

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5 Books Every Leader Needs on Her Bookshelf

Part of being a great leader is being a lifelong learner. I’ve found so much value in continually reading and gleaning wisdom from others. Now, as I raise up other women to lead our world towards a brighter future through the Sseko Fellows program, I find myself recommending these five books constantly. It’s a bit “off the beaten path” as leadership books go, but I hope you find it as useful as I do! […]

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Back to School Essentials That are Ethically Made

It’s that time of year again! Whether you’re headed back to school yourself, or shopping for someone who is, we’ve rounded up our top back to school picks to take your campus style to the next level. (Oh, and we can’t neglect to mention that each of these items are from an ethical brand that is making the world a brighter place!) […]

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How To Avoid Isolation When You Work From Home

Thanks to technology, more and more jobs can be done from home. While the thought of being able to work in sweatpants is pretty enticing, many people find themselves fighting feelings of isolation when they spend the majority of their time working from home. How can you embrace the flexibility of working from home without feeling totally shut off from the world? […]

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