Sseko’s Founder (and Mom of almost two!) Dishes Her Fave Baby Products!

Although I’ve always loved a good life hack, being a mama of a BUSY toddler (and his soon to be little brother!) has made me a FOOL for anything that can save a little time, energy or sanity. To be honest, I’ve never had a strong loyalty to a specific line of baby products. I’m more like a once I get particularly desperate I’ll run to Target while likely multitasking on a conference call and shove something that looks remotely like what I need into the cart kinda mom. WHATEVER WORKS. […]

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5 Books Every Leader Needs on Her Bookshelf

Part of being a great leader is being a lifelong learner. I’ve found so much value in continually reading and gleaning wisdom from others. Now, as I raise up other women to lead our world towards a brighter future through the Sseko Fellows program, I find myself recommending these five books constantly. It’s a bit “off the beaten path” as leadership books go, but I hope you find it as useful as I do! […]

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Back to School Essentials That are Ethically Made

It’s that time of year again! Whether you’re headed back to school yourself, or shopping for someone who is, we’ve rounded up our top back to school picks to take your campus style to the next level. (Oh, and we can’t neglect to mention that each of these items are from an ethical brand that is making the world a brighter place!) […]

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How To Avoid Isolation When You Work From Home

Thanks to technology, more and more jobs can be done from home. While the thought of being able to work in sweatpants is pretty enticing, many people find themselves fighting feelings of isolation when they spend the majority of their time working from home. How can you embrace the flexibility of working from home without feeling totally shut off from the world? […]

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