Sseko Tee Styling Guide

Every one of us probably has a handful of tees hanging out in our closet— and actually, there may be more hiding inside that dresser over there. Everyone loves a good tee! They're extremely comfortable and you can wear them almost anywhere but they usually aren’t much of a statement piece on their own. That’s why we wanted to collect a few tips that will help you see the true potential in your tees. Add Some Jewelry The great thing about a good tee is that you can elevate its look by modifying how you wear it or adding [...]

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#10ways10days: Step-by-Step Guide

It’s that time of year again! Our annual #10ways10days challenge is back and we want to get everyone involved. This is a fun, engaging fashion challenge led by our Fellows, but everyone can join in. We’ll share how you can participate and why this is about so much more than just styling. When Sustainability and Style Collide We believe in creating an ethical fashion that not only allows people to look good but helps them DO good too. When you buy from a brand, it’s becoming increasingly important to know who made your clothes and what they are doing [...]

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Trend Alert: Dressing Up Again

Raise those hands if the last year or so has been spent in a yoga-pants-wearing, slipper shuffling, top-knot styling comfort cocoon. Working remotely, homeschooling, and quarantining hasn’t demanded a lot of us, stylistically, right? But we welcome the change. The weather is warming up and things are migrating towards a slow reopening, we’d like to hereby declare that dressing up is in and it might be time to put some of our cozy home gear back in the drawer. The Impact of Dressing Up As we start to come out of the fog of 2020, we must introduce healthy [...]

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Spring and Summer Footwear is Here

By March, we’re all ready to ditch the boots and go for something cute and sleek. Whether you’re all about the classic lip on sandal, you desire something strappy, or you still need a little toe coverage through the cool early spring months, we’ve got you covered. Always made with the highest quality materials. Always handcrafted by artisans earning a fair wage in a safe work environment. And, of course, always versatile in style. What are you waiting for? We know you’re already planning that beach vacay! The Cloud Mule in Woven Caramel If you haven’t gotten yourself a [...]

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Custom Shop Creations for Mother’s Day Celebrations

Remember the good ol’ days when you would make mom a necklace, or a card or a piece of art? Something about a personalized gift just gives people all the feels. As an adult, you may think the opportunity to give a totally unique, handmade gift to mom is out of the question.  The Custom Shop is here to put the cool in crafting again. You can design a totally unique look for mom out of the highest quality materials. And while, yes, it’s handmade, you aren’t going to suddenly have to become a master crafter.  Order by March [...]

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Meet Reyna: The Artist Behind the VITA Spring Look

This month we are so excited to have our Spring line in full bloom, but we are particularly in love with our VITA print. We want you to get to know Reyna Noriega, the illustrator behind the look and an artist with an eye for the future. Reyna’s vibrance and boldness are an eye-catching addition to any wardrobe, but her intention will give you a style really worth talking about.  About Reyna Reyna Noriega is a 27-year-old Afro-Latina author, educator, and visual artist. For her, art has always been a tool by which she could dive deeper into herself. [...]

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Spring Launch 2021 is VITA

Hello Spring, you gorgeous sunny thing. We see you just around the corner! The weather may still be a little cool, but your wardrobe is ready for a warm-up. Start shedding the dark hues and the rubber shoes, it’s time for the first Sseko launch of 2021. A longtime favorite leather color is back! An explosive, vibrant print will help you beat the wintertime blues and we know you’ll (man)go crazy for the new jewelry looks. Are you ready? Vita This print is LIFE both in name and in style. Spirited, tropical, and totally bold, you will not be [...]

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New Year’s Resolutions and the Brave Jewelry Collection

The new year is a time for fresh starts, goal setting, and intentions. It can be an uplifting exercise in exploring your hopes and dreams. Or it can be a rigorous repeat of “what-ifs” and “maybe somedays.”  For many of us, the practice of setting resolutions is a week filled with hopeful, renewed energy, followed by a steady decline away from those January 1st wishes. But doesn’t everyone desire to stick with whatever it is they are dreaming of? Don’t you long for a year where you see your resolutions all the way through to the end and look [...]

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Holiday Jewelry, East Asia Partners, and Ending Exploitation

Our Sseko community is no stranger to the truly essential need for fair-trade operations in the fashion industry. Over the years, you’ve seen women in Uganda and other parts of the world receive education, earn fair wages, and work in safe environments as a direct result of your involvement with Sseko. This year, we’re pleased to be collaborating with another product partner seeking to liberate and elevate women in the most vulnerable of conditions. Worldwide, nearly 25 million people are trafficked for forced labor, of that, 4.8 million adults and children are trafficked specifically for sexual exploitation. An astounding [...]

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Masks: The Unexpected Accessory of 2020

If you haven’t heard yet, Sseko is in the mask business now. We see our sisters and we hear your call for protective coverings that are as comfortable as they are stylish. If you haven’t yet, make sure you give our collection a look! We have five different patterns offered, and each one features comfortable elastic loops to fit any face as well as an adjustable nose bridge for the perfect fit.  Face Mask in Pink Swirls Face Mask in Brush Stroke Face Mask in Blossom Face Mask in Plume Each mask is $14.99, two-ply with a bottom opening [...]

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Holiday 2020 Gift Guide

‘Tis the season to start shopping! But this year more than ever, going out and mingling in the holiday crowd is a little less than appealing. Make Sseko your one-stop shop for ALL the women in your life. There is something here for everyone. Your daughter, your mom, your wife… and even a few fantastic finds for the fellas. Best of Bags  All we want for Christmas… is LEATHER. There is really nothing better than a new bag. It’s versatile, long-lasting, and says “I wanted to get you something ultra special this year.” Get the U-Zip Backpack for your [...]

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The Holidays Are Here: 2020 Holiday Collection!

It’s the last launch of 2020! We’re so excited to share this collection with you. This one is going to get you all ready for the shopping season. Ready or not, here’s the last drop of the year… are you ready for zebra and druzy and rose gold, oh my!? Reversible Beaded Crossbody Clutch and Coin Purse in Zebra You know we like to get wild over here, but this beaded zebra pattern is as striking as it is subtle. The delicate colors mixed with the textured beads creates a sophistication all its own. It is the bag you’ll [...]

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The Fall 2020 Beyond Collection

The leaves haven’t started falling yet, but we totally are. We’re dropping new styles for Fall in two phases and today we want to introduce to you the first half of the collection. A gorgeous array of transitional looks that won’t have you overheating on the warm, end-of-summer days, but will give you all the feels of swapping your seasonal wardrobe. Allow us to introduce the Fall 2020 Beyond Collection. With brand new pieces and the return of some fan favorites, we know you’re going to be as excited as we are.  Apparel  Handwoven Stardust Ikat We’re thrilled to [...]

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3 Birthday Looks for Any Occasion

It’s our birthday and we are ready to paaaaaarty! With you.  This month we will celebrate our 11th birthday. That’s right, we’re officially business pre-teens. And while we’d love to have a sleepover with bad 80’s movies and popcorn, this year we will be blowing out our candles with a week-long sale. Every 24 hours we’ll be dropping a surprise discount. 7 DAYS! 7 DEALS! Each only lasts one day so you’ll have to act fast, but we’ll have bags, shoes, jewelry, and more at some seriously low prices. So make sure you get yourself a gift! We can’t [...]

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10 Ways 10 Days Sseko Social Challenge

There’s something to be said about a great piece that can go with everything. And we love to see the way our customers and Fellows mix it up. So right now we are doing a “10 Ways 10 Days” challenge to see how far your creativity goes.  You only need to own one Sseko item to participate. We want to see how you can take a single item and make it stylish in ten different ways. Dress it up, dress it down. Make it silly, make it chic.  Every person who completes ALL10 days of the challenge and submits [...]

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Are you “Seaing” Things?- New Colors in the Custom Shop

Have you ever wanted to be a fashion designer?  The idea of mixing and matching colors and styles and silhouettes and embellishments can be exciting even for those of us who never made it to Parsons School of Design. Even if you’ll never see the likes of a Project Runway audition, you can still take your turn at design with the Sseko Custom Shop.  The design process is easy and simple.  Just choose to design your own sandals, earrings, or bag. From there, you can choose which silhouette style you prefer, colors, and even add a monogram.  One of [...]

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Summer Sustainable Style Challenge

Is your #ootd beginning to look the same every day? We’ve all felt as if we have nothing to wear and the newness or excitement we once had for our wardrobe has run out. Well…we love employing a bit of creativity to practice one of our favorite sustainable style challenges. It focuses on creating more with less, investing in quality, fair trade, and sustainable clothing and finding ways to style them in new and exciting ways.  We challenged our CEO and Co-founder Liz to make 20 unique outfits with only 5 Sseko pieces and a few basics [...]

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5 Ways to Use Your Wedding for Good

There is a lot to think about when planning your wedding. Flowers, catering, dress, bridesmaids’ gifts and beyond. The list can be seemingly endless. And if you’re a bride who is hoping to do some good on your big day, it can be tough to know where to start. If you’re looking to serve and be a little more sustainable this wedding season, we’re here to help. Go Vintage A huge amount of the “waste” that can come out of weddings is in the one-time-use items. A dress that only serves you for one day. Flowers that [...]

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How It’s Made Matters: Celebrate Earth Day With These Sustainable Looks

Do you remember when you were a kid and your entire school would gather together to plant a tree for Earth Day? While you can still plant trees as an adult (and we totally think you should), there is a lot more we can do in our every day lives to protect our planet. From the cars we drive to the food we eat, we are considering how our daily lifestyle choices affect our carbon footprint.  This Earth Day, we wanted to encourage you to ‘go green’ with your fashion. We’re giving you some of our best [...]

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Graduate Gifts That Give Back

They did it! Your daughter/son, your wife/husband, your niece/nephew, your sister/brother, your mom/dad… someone in your life just crossed a major milestone and you want to celebrate their big accomplishment! Cash is too impersonal. Flowers are lovely, but they only last a week. Balloons are better suited for birthday parties. You want something that lasts and can serve as a reminder of their incredible achievement.  We’re here to help. For any stage, any age we have a gift that can complement your graduate’s new life and mark their success. Custom Gifts Perhaps one of our favorite options [...]

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Behind the ‘Hopefully Yours’ Spring 2020 Collection

For the Spring 2020 ‘Hopefully Yours’ Collection, we traveled the world in search of the most stunning materials and the most beautiful stories. We shot this catalog in Joshua Tree National Park as the Joshua Tree is a symbol of faith, hope, and resilience in the midst of harsh conditions. ⁠ This collection was inspired by the idea of hope — specifically, the hope that emerges when we experience trials. When faced with these challenges, we often dig deep inside ourselves to [...]

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A Conversation with Morgan Harper Nichols

Morgan Harper Nichols is a writer, artist, and musician who was gracious enough to share her talent and beauty with us by modeling in our spring collection photoshoot. The SS20 Hopefully Yours collection is a celebration of hope and resilience. When we thought about women using their platform, gifts and skills to bring hope and truth, Morgan Harper Nichols was at the top of our list! (Not to mention, we knew she’d look stunning in all things Sseko! We are so grateful to have her image and spirit representing our favorite collection yet.  We’re so honored to connect with [...]

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5 Subscription Boxes That Make a Global Impact

Subscription boxes have skyrocketed in popularity over the last several years. There used to only be general boxes on the market that included a wide variety of items, but as the consumers began to warm up to the idea of new products being delivered to them each month, niche boxes started popping up. We’re such a huge fan of subscription boxes because it allows you to discover new products you might not have otherwise purchased, discounted merchandise, and a new present on your doorstep each month is a lovely thing to look forward to.  But as subscription boxes rise [...]


4 PIECES = 20 OUTFITS Liz, Co-Founder & CEO, shows off her favorite looks. Style Tip #1 Business Casual: Hopping out of a meeting or hopping into the weekend, the reversible qualities of the Wonder Collection have your back. Paired with trousers or jeans, you’re ready for any time of day with this stunning Reversible Blazer and Blouse. Shop the Look Style Tip #2: The Perfect Summer Slides:  Our Crossover Slides in this rich golden Caramel tone are your new ultimate go-to sandals this summer and looks great with jeans, skirts and everything in between. [...]

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A Bride Shares 6 Steps to Creating a Sustainable Wedding

We love hearing from ethical fashion experts like Keira of Style Me Fair! Keira’s goal was to make her wedding as sustainable as possible and she took the time to share some tips for planning a wedding as a conscious consumer! Read on for some super practical tips on how you can do the same for your environmentally-minded matrimony. After watching the documentary The True Cost, Keira made the decision to plan her wedding with sustainability in mind. She committed to: Only shop secondhand Or purchasing items from companies with ethical and sustainable practices On her blog, Style Me [...]

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3 Clutter-Free Ways to Add Personality to Your Closet

We all want our wardrobes to reflect our personality, but how do we express various aspects of our style without adding clutter to our closets? We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite tips for keeping your closet fresh and fun without making unnecessary purchases. Buying better is always preferable to buying more. […]

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Sandals Designed for You by You

We know that finding the perfect open-toed flat can be a challenge. Let’s face it, too often finding quality and style in a sandal is tough. You can either find every color of rubber sandal under the sun, or really high-quality leather, but only in a few (often expensive) style selections. We wanted to revolutionize the sandal season, but we knew we couldn’t do it alone. That’s why our sandals come three ways: Limited-time seasonal silhouettes and colored leather Ribbon sandals with dozens of interchangeable looks Custom shop sandals designed entirely by you If you want sandals that will [...]

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Introducing our Holiday Jewelry Collection!

We can’t keep it a secret any longer—we’re so excited to announce the launch of our first-ever holiday jewelry collection today! In celebration of #GivingTuesday, we’re taking you behind-the-scenes and sharing with you how each piece is not only handcrafted, but helps to give opportunity to the women making it! In this season of “more more more”, we invite you to join us in giving better. […]

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Give Better Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are nearly here. Can you believe it? This season, we’re focusing on giving better, not more. And we’ve put together a gift guide to make it easy for you to do the same! From the college student to the doting mom, we’ve put together meaningful gift ideas for all of the women on your list! The Visionary For the creator who sees what those around her may not see yet. She looks forward, and casts vision for herself and those around her. […]

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Design Your Dream Sandals // Team Sseko

Here at Sseko HQ, we have been gushing over all of the dream sandal possibilities, and our awesome team in Uganda is doing the same. With one week left for you to take advantage of the opportunity to design your own custom sandals through our Kickstarter, we decided we would let you take a little peek into the lives of some of our employees, and see some of the dream sandals they thought up! Adrienne: Adrienne is our community manager at Sseko HQ, right in the heart of Portland. Here is her empowering design! "My dream sandal is a sandal with [...]

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Abby Rose | Buy Better Not More Vol. 6

Say hello to Abby Rose! We dare you to find a bone in her body that isn’t creative. As a wedding photographer, florist, and set designer, Abby curates beauty all-day-every-day.  Maybe you’ve seen her work in Darling or Cottage Hill Magazine? Get to know the lady behind the lens as our Buy Better Not More series continues.    […]

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Thamarr Guerrier | Buy Better Not More Vol. 5

We cannot get enough of Thamarr Guerrier, the muse behind Musings of a Curvy Lady! Our favorite, Parisian-loving, nurse-by-day-fashionista is back with her tips for living simply this fall (even though it’s still feelin’ like summer in her neck of the woods!). Our Buy Better Not More series wouldn’t be complete without her; take it away Thamarr! […]

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My Brave Story

Today we are introducing the Brave Necklace, the newest way to wear your story. Available in two lengths and three styles, this necklace will serve as a reminder of where you have been, inspiration for where you are going and a symbol of what lies within you. Piece by piece, each unique Brave Necklace will tell your story. […]

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Tori Roloff | Buy Better Not More Vol. 1

Our Fall 2016 Collection is all about simplicity. It’s centered around buying better, not more. Each piece was carefully designed to be carried with you for years to come, and we incorporated timeless colors like caramel, blacks and ivories so that each piece may become a wardrobe staple. In the spirit of buying better, not more, we’ve reached out to our favorite fashionistas for tips on how to keep a simple wardrobe that feels new throughout the season. These beautiful women have joined our #buybetternotmore movement, and we are excited to share the first post in this series with [...]

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Brave Spotlight: Angelia Trinidad of Passion Planner

She found herself in a post-graduate depression, and out of that depression a tool was born to remind us that our dreams should never be an afterthought. We’re so excited to introduce you to Angelia, founder and CEO of Passion Planner, the empowering planner designed to help everyone take action towards their goals every single day. We hope you’ll be as inspired by Angelia as we are! […]

10 Ways 10 Days Roundup

Sseko’s favorite competition of the year-10 Ways 10 Days- has just rounded up! From June 21st-30th we styled our ribbon sandals a different way each day, and we asked you to do the same! We are so excited to share with you some of our favorite styles from the past 10 days. @SarahNoelle103 […]

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Destination: Oregon Coast

From whale watching to an afternoon spent amongst the best of local cheeses, the Oregon coast has something to offer every traveler! We love any chance we get to brag about our beloved PNW (visit us in Portland!) and couldn’t help but put together a guide to traveling the coast. Here are some of our favorite places to visit, travel tips and must-sees for your next trip to the Oregon Coast! Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City, OR – a must-see! […]

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Destination: Havana | An American’s Travel Guide to Cuba

As Americans, we’ve always been intrigued by the idea of Cuba—this forbidden land, rich in history and culture. Can you imagine what it would be like to actually travel there? Earlier year, Ben + Liz of the Sseko team got to visit Havana with their friends Caroline + Jayden. We asked Caroline to put together a Travel Guide to Havana, Cuba for us, so we could share all the stories, travel tips and must-do’s with you! We’ll let Caroline take it from here…. […]

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Brave Spotlight: Thamarr Guerrier

Thamarr Guerrier is a Jacksonville, Florida based nurse by day & a full time fashion-loving positive body advocate. We adore her feminine style and the way she uses her blog, Musings of a Curvy Lady, as a space for advocacy and style inspiration! We believe she is the embodiment of Sseko bravery and we couldn’t wait to share more about her with you!  […]

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