Is this fashion brand sustainable?

Understanding what is sustainable can be overwhelming. Many brands buried the truth in clever marketing language meant to imply their sustainable efforts. However, we want to help you set your standards for what sustainability looks like.  Here are a few ways you can tell if you’re truly shopping sustainably or not. Some of these efforts are laid out clearly by brands, others are and below we’ll help you determine what to look for: Their environmental impact The treatment of workers  Materials being used Yes, there is a trend toward sustainable everything, but, sadly, the fashion industry has a history [...]

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The Responsible Packaging Movement

Sustainability is a pillar of the Sseko brand. Being a verified member of the Fair Trade Federation, providing livable wages, and being both environmentally and socially conscious is extremely important to us. But far be it from us to pretend like there’s no room for improvement! One key initiative for us in 2021 is to reduce (and someday entirely remove!) plastic waste from our packaging. The fashion industry is a big contributor to industrial waste, and we’re determined to help lead the industry to a brighter, cleaner future. To that end, we are proud to announce we’ve joined the [...]

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Why Should I Shop Fair-Trade?

We are big believers in the importance of fair trade, but many coming to Sseko are learning about this certification for the first time. In an age where people are becoming increasingly conscientious about where they shop, how their products are made and who is making them, fair trade knowledge is a means by which you can start to shape how you shop.  What is fair trade? Fair Trade USA® describes it like this: “Fair-trade is a global movement made up of a diverse network of producers, companies, consumers, advocates, and organizations putting people and planet first.” Fair-trade establishes [...]

Summer Sustainable Style Challenge

Is your #ootd beginning to look the same every day? We’ve all felt as if we have nothing to wear and the newness or excitement we once had for our wardrobe has run out. Well…we love employing a bit of creativity to practice one of our favorite sustainable style challenges. It focuses on creating more with less, investing in quality, fair trade, and sustainable clothing and finding ways to style them in new and exciting ways.  We challenged our CEO and Co-founder Liz to make 20 unique outfits with only 5 Sseko pieces and a few basics [...]

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