By March, we’re all ready to ditch the boots and go for something cute and sleek. Whether you’re all about the classic lip on sandal, you desire something strappy, or you still need a little toe coverage through the cool early spring months, we’ve got you covered.

Always made with the highest quality materials. Always handcrafted by artisans earning a fair wage in a safe work environment. And, of course, always versatile in style.

What are you waiting for? We know you’re already planning that beach vacay!

The Cloud Mule in Woven Caramel

If you haven’t gotten yourself a pair of Cloud Mules yet, it’s time to treat your feet. These unbelievably comfy shoes slide right on and provide a cushion you can walk in all day. Whether you’re walking the deck on a cruise or just enjoying a stroll after the snow melts, you’ll be able to strut your stuff for hours in these delightful slide-on, closed-toed wonders. 

And even if you’ve already purchased a pair, you won’t want to miss this artisan-crafted design to add to your collection. 

The Woven Caramel leather is created from tiny strips of material uniquely woven for each pair of shoes. Not only will this color combo go with everything, but its textured dimension creates an added layer of WOW!

Knotted T-Strap in Alabaster and Caramel

Better than a flip flop, but just as easy and breezy, this stylish sandal is a new silhouette and a new leather color. The creamy Alabaster leather makes this classic sandal a classy sandal. It pairs perfectly with our Flora print, but can be rocked with a pair of jeans, a white tee, and the Terracotta Duster as well. If you’re looking for no-heel option to wear to a spring wedding or a shoe that can transition from beach walk to brunch, this is the one. 

Ribbon Wedges and New Ribbons

If you’re all about the Sseko classics, then undoubtedly you already have a pair of Ribbon Sandals lasting you through the seasons. But if you’re looking to add a little lift to your favorite interchangeable footwear, then you’re going to love the Ribbon Sandal Wedge in Caramel. The upgraded platform adds a splash of sass to the look you already love. And, of course, we couldn’t release a new collection without including new ribbons to go with your latest outfit. From Agave and Alabaster to match your new leather looks to the perfect purple (Orchid You Not), a soft Seaing Things blue, and of course, your new favorite prints, Vita and Flora, you can have a different look for every day of the week. 

Ankle Strap Crossover in Sheepskin Agave and Alabaster

There are some leather looks we just can’t get enough of, and the Agave and Alabaster have both stolen our hearts. They are so seasonal and yet totally transcend spring as well. We’ve yet to find an outfit this sandal doesn’t go great with. If you’re looking for that everyday sandal you just can’t walk out the door without, this is it!

Custom Shop Sandals

We are loving all the new looks in this season’s collection, but we never underestimate the power of our customers to dazzle us when they take the design reins. If you have a color you love in a silhouette you can’t live without, turn your style skills into a product with the Custom Shop. There are new leather colors you can only find there and dozens of ways to design a look you (and everyone else) will adore.

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