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Meet Agnes

Brave, Determined, Servant-Leader, Known, and Beautifully Created.

Agnes, who we loving call “Aggie” at the workshop and Sseko HQ, has been our trusty Managing Director for the last 10 years and arguably one of Sseko’s most dedicated employees!  She is an integral part of our success, and we would be lost without her.  She has a hand in everything Sseko, from supplier relations to quality control. She demonstrates her leadership with her gift for communication and problem-solving.   

Although Aggie has many accomplishments,  her most significant is being a mother to four girls and her role as a leader at Sseko Designs. She would like to pursue her Master’s degree and become an educator. She has her eyes set on leadership and would like to work with an international humanitarian organization. They would be lucky to have her cause she is intelligent, witty, quick to learn, and kind.