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Meet Fiona

Outgoing, smart, generous, loving, and beautifully created.

Fiona grew up in the city of Lira with her parents and 3 siblings. She is the eldest of the girls in her family. She had a wonderful childhood and was always playing with her siblings.

Fiona once qualified to visit the United States for a leadership program. She has also been recognized as the best speaker, poetess, and writer in several competitions and earned over 15 certificates and awards. These are her proudest achievements so far.

At University, Fiona plans to study Information Technology because she loves discovering and almost everything related to technology. She hopes to encourage people that they can accomplish everything they set their hearts to and wishes to be known as someone who encourages, motivates, and inspires others.

Fiona dreams about a free and peaceful Uganda where everyone lives in harmony. She wants to see Uganda become free from discrimination where people are given opportunities no matter their background.