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Meet Joyce

Fun-loving, Joyful, Skillful, Known, and Beautifully Created.

Joyce is the resident class clown at the Sseko workshop. She loves to tease her coworkers and always quick for a sarcastic and fun comment during staff meetings.  But at the end of the day, Joyce is one of our best employees! She has worked with Sseko for over 10 years and currently leads our Bag Team. Joyce is quick to learn, eager to work on new machines and master another skill. She meets every challenge set before her and blows goals out of the water with new production records, and she does it all with a fun attitude. 

She’s also a mother of two kids, a boy, and a girl. Joyce dreams of no longer renting but owning land, building a big house for her happy family, and having her own business. She hopes one day to become a manager of a big company or even becoming an engineer.