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Meet Marcelina

Happy, caring, a good listener, and beautifully created.

Marcelina grew up in Western Uganda with her mother, father, and 3 sisters. She is the firstborn of her siblings.

Her proudest accomplishment has been moments when people have told her they feel better about themselves after talking to her.

At University, she plans to study Software Engineering to create apps that will speak to souls and make people happier. That is her passion.

Marcelina’s dream for Uganda is to see women support other women and grow stronger, especially emotionally. She dreams of women in Uganda being self-reliant and creating the life they desire for themselves.

She hopes to be remembered as someone bold and quirky, someone who always stood their ground, and was never afraid to do the right thing. She also wants to be remembered as someone who made people feel more comfortable about themselves and proud of who God made them to be.