Sustainability is a pillar of the Sseko brand. Being a verified member of the Fair Trade Federation, providing livable wages, and being both environmentally and socially conscious is extremely important to us. But far be it from us to pretend like there’s no room for improvement!

One key initiative for us in 2021 is to reduce (and someday entirely remove!) plastic waste from our packaging. The fashion industry is a big contributor to industrial waste, and we’re determined to help lead the industry to a brighter, cleaner future. To that end, we are proud to announce we’ve joined the Responsible Packaging Movement, championed by fellow apparel brand prAna. To drive big change, we all need to lean in as one!  

About prAna

We have been so inspired by prAna’s approach to the long-term removal of dependence on environmentally and socially unfriendly practices in the clothing industry and we are following their lead on the packaging movement. 

Here’s a little about them:

At prAna, our mission is to create Clothing for Positive Change, a heartfelt promise to respect the planet and its people, always. Part of that journey takes us all that way back to 2010, when we first implemented a grassroots approach to reducing plastic in our packaging. And we’ve been reimagining product packaging ever since, doing our best to organize an industry-wide shift towards responsibly made options. This brings us to this very moment.

Our goal is to completely eliminate plastic from our consumer packaging by 2021, as well as eliminate the use of materials from ancient and endangered forests by 2022, and virgin forest fibers by 2025. That’s why we’ve joined forces with nonprofit organizations, 5 Gyres, and Canopy, to help get us there.”

Their efforts help direct fellow brands such as ourselves, to reduce waste in the delivery cycle, but they also encourage consumers like you to:

  • Challenge the brands you love to join
  • Share information and resources that help consumers become aware of the issue
  • Choose the brands you shop with responsibly to help drive more business  towards ethical practices

We believe deeply in treating the people who are involved with our brand with the utmost respect, and we take serious consideration when it comes to how the environment is impacted by the creation of our products, but we can’t forget that a lot of work still needs to be done in the exporting and delivery process.

We are, as always, dedicated to getting your items to you in their most perfect condition, but we will be working to make sure that is done in an even more sustainable way!