It’s that time of year again! Our annual #10ways10days challenge is back and we want to get everyone involved. This is a fun, engaging fashion challenge led by our Fellows, but everyone can join in. We’ll share how you can participate and why this is about so much more than just styling.

When Sustainability and Style Collide

We believe in creating an ethical fashion that not only allows people to look good but helps them DO good too. When you buy from a brand, it’s becoming increasingly important to know who made your clothes and what they are doing to help improve our world. Sseko is working to bring sustainability and fashion together through fair wages for our artisans, responsibly sourced materials, and recyclable packaging. 

One of our favorite sustainable subjects is versatility. An often overlooked aspect of environmental consciousness is minimizing what we consume. This concept is perhaps acknowledged more in food (i.e., eating less meat, avoiding processed goods, reducing single-use plastics), but when it comes to fashion, the message is usually to buy buy buy. 

At Sseko, we strive to keep your closet interesting while reducing the number of pieces you have hanging on the rack. That’s why we make our clothes so that they can be worn several different ways. We want you to get more fashion with fewer products. 

THIS is why we love the #10ways10days Challenge. It’s an exciting example of how we can do more with less. How we can look good while being conscientious. How we can save by shopping smarter instead of harder.

As you join in, be sure to share the sustainable side of your style!

How to Participate 

It’s really easy to join the challenge and anyone can do it!

  1. Pick a Sseko item you love.
  2. Mix and match it with ten different outfits.
  3. Share on Instagram using hashtag #10ways10days and #ssekostyle. Tag us @ssekodesigns too!
  4. Then repeat with another item!

We want to spread the message far and wide that anyone can scale back to a minimalist closet and still have a jaw-dropping wardrobe. 

Ideal Items for #10days10ways

While we think you can pull off a #10ways10days Challenge on just about any Sseko item, there are a few favorites that make it super easy. 

The Multiway Shawl

If you have any of our Multiway Shawls then you already know that there is a nearly boundless number of ways to style this piece. Not only can you wear it with just about everything (from a bathing suit cover to an elevated top layer over a dress), but there are also so many ways to tie, tuck and turn around this look.

The Ribbon Sandals

Not only do you have dozens of ribbon colors and patterns that can shake up this style, but there are also so many ways to tie them. The only limit with this summer sandal is your imagination.  

Rad Reversibles

If you have a skirt, tee, or Split Seam, then half the work is already done! Show your outfit front and then backward, then do that four more times.

10 Styling Tips

If you’re still a little stuck, here are some ideas for how you can mix it up!

  1. Pair with basics (jeans, white tee, jean jacket)
  2. Beach look (swimsuit paired with MWS, Reversible Skirt, Easy Crop Trouser)
  3. Nighttime/dressy look
  4. Tucked, tied, turned (show how one outfit can change with subtle tweaks)
  5. Adaptable accessories (one bag many ways or earrings that go with everything)
  6. Add a layer (scarf, jacket, hat, belt)
  7. Pick one top and pair with ten different bottoms (or do the opposite)
  8. Do a cold-weather look and a warm-weather look
  9. Style with dark hues then style with light hues
  10. Do something unexpected (pull up a skirt and turn it into a dress or put a t-shirt on over a dress to turn it into a skirt)

We can’t wait to see what you come up with and all the ways you style your Sseko items! Don’t forget to use the hashtags: #10ways10days & #ssekostyle.

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