There is not a lot of time left! The gift-giving season is here and we want to make it easy on you. With Sseko, you know you’re not only getting quality and style, but you’re also bettering the world. By buying fair trade fashion and coffee, you’re supporting industries often exploited overseas. When you shop Sseko, you’re also contributing to higher education for women across the world and supporting a small business right here at home. 


So why shop anywhere else this season? We have a look for all the ladies you love! And the giving back vibes you’re seeking.

REMEMBER: December 18th is the last day for standard shipping. And December 20 is the last day for express shipping. Don’t miss your chance to shop Sseko.

Reversible “Be Brave” Phrase Necklace in Gold & Mother of Pearl

This beautiful, timeless reversible necklace has a casual and inspirational saying on one side and a gorgeous plate of Mother of Pearl on the other side. Dress it up with a holiday kaftan or dress it down with your favorite sweater. 

This burst of encouragement is the ideal gift for new moms, college-bound daughters, and anyone who has faced a new challenge this year. Remind them every day that they have the strength to succeed and the courage that they need.

Short Duster in Tembo

Give the gift of comfy and cozy this season. The Short Duster in Tembo is for the woman in your life who loves spa days, baths, and relaxing. This colorful classic is necessary for anyone with an aptitude for chill mode. Add some matching Together Coffee for the perfect gift. 

Reversible Beaded Crossbody Clutch in Zebra and Beaded Coin Purse in Zebra

A perfect bag that transcends seasons and goes with every outfit is an instant winner for the gift-giving season. And the Beaded Zebra Clutch and Coin Purse are THOSE gifts for 2020. 

This is the ideal pick for a new friend or a cared-for co-worker. Thoughtful, stylish, and dazzling without going too overboard, these beaded beauties will delight.

Druzy Oval Drop Earrings in Blush

The Druzy Collection is one of our favorite styles this season. These pieces have all the sparkles you’re seeking this time of year in a perfect pink. If you are taking your wife on a snowy getaway with a fancy dinner included, these will be what she wants to wear.

Together Coffee Holiday Bundle

We’re so excited to have a special, limited-time Colombian coffee flavor for the holidays PLUS a tumbler with some very festive wrapping. Whether Grandma sips from sun up to sun down or your stepmom is something of an amateur barista, the Together Coffee Holiday Bundle will be the best beans they get all year.

Add any of the other roasts to their personal coffee bar to score extra points. Everyone has a coffee lover in their life!

Chiffon Skirt in Midnight Bloom

Shake up someone’s wardrobe with this mix and match favorite. The fall florals and the dark hues are a perfect statement piece for your stylish sister. She can pair it with a tee or dress it up with a blouse. This perfect pattern will awaken any winter wardrobe. 

“Say Yes to Adventure” Tee

After a tough year of changes and shifts, it can be easy to forget that there are still adventures to be had. But there are! For your niece who needs a nudge or your bestie who is stuck in a rut, this embroidered tee is a friendly push in the direction of joy. 

Beginner’s Pluck 

Need a little something for your business-minded buddy?

There is nothing better than the gift of knowledge. To your long-distance bestie dreaming of starting an Etsy shop or your daydreaming daughter who hopes to one day open a tea shop in Paris, this book will give your driven loved one an insight into just how possible their goals are.

Sseko founder Liz Bohannon shares her journey, wisdom, and pluck in this book about achieving your goals imperfectly!


Occasionally you just need a little something for a special person in your life. Our  Tassel Clips make the perfect stocking stuffers/budget-friendly gift. 

Clip it on to keys for an easy, fashion-forward way to find them in your bag. Or, add it to a purse for a little bit of flair.

It’s the same quality leather + handmade touch you come to know with Sseko, in a tiny little tassel.

Zippered Wallet in Kawa

This year, we introduced a new pattern that transitions perfectly from fall to winter! This natural and edgy black and white pattern is great in all its forms. If you are looking to put the cherry on top of a perfect bag purchase, this wallet goes great with any leather look.

Garment Duffel Bag in Kawa and Oiled Caramel

Speaking of Kawa, this bag is a must-add to any traveler’s collection. Help them keep their clothes looking fresh without dragging along an oversized suitcase. It’s the perfect companion on any cruise or getaway. 

Rose Gold Jewelry

We are rolling in the rose gold over here this season. The Brave jewelry line has introduced everyone’s favorite rouge metallic tone and we just know you have a rose gold lover in your life who needs this look. There are also new pieces anyone with a Brave Collection can add. Mix up those metals and make a look that is 100% unique to your loved one.

Don’t forget to get your orders in by December 18th (20th at the latest with express shipping) in order to get your gifts by Christmas! Happy holidays and thank you for shopping Sseko this season.

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