It’s our birthday and we are ready to paaaaaarty! With you. 

This month we will celebrate our 11th birthday. That’s right, we’re officially business pre-teens.

And while we’d love to have a sleepover with bad 80’s movies and popcorn, this year we will be blowing out our candles with a week-long sale.

Every 24 hours we’ll be dropping a surprise discount. 7 DAYS! 7 DEALS! Each only lasts one day so you’ll have to act fast, but we’ll have bags, shoes, jewelry, and more at some seriously low prices. So make sure you get yourself a gift!

We can’t tell you all the deals because that would ruin the surprise, BUT today is the first day of the sale and you can save 35% off select footwear including Rues, T-straps, Crossovers, and Mules! Make sure you’re following us on social media to find out what the rest of the discounts will be. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook. You can also sign up for our email newsletter here to be the first to know about any deals, discounts, or news. 

The daily sale will be live for 24 hours and will run from 12:00 am EST to 11:59 pm EST. Our daily email will go out at 7 am EST each day of the sale, so you have plenty of time to shop! 

As we celebrate our own birthday, we can’t help but daydream about party outfits we can’t wait to wear. Whether you’re planning ahead or preparing for a modified celebration, we thought you might be up for a party gear guide too.


Remember the good ol’ birthdays filled with drinks, appetizers, and dinner? Maybe even a little dancing afterward? We miss them too. And before we get into the perfect outfit, we want to make sure we acknowledge that it’s essential we all stay safe so whatever the precautions are you’re adhering to, we support that first and foremost. 

Now, perhaps a night out on the town doesn’t look like it used to. Maybe instead it’s a cheese board, a fancy bottle of wine, and a lasagna in the oven while you and your spouse shed the athleisure wear and don some date-night attire on your patio.

That sort of night calls for:

It’s simple and flattering and still comfortable. If you’re not leaving the house, 6-inch heels and tight jeans are unlikely to have any appeal, but this “wear-it-anywhere” outfit will make you feel dressed up without too much fuss. 


So as you can tell, we still think sleepovers are cool. Maybe now more than ever. Be it with your sister or your mom or bestie, snack foods and corny movies are always in style. 

And you can still dress for the occasion:

Dreamer Doer Pajama Set 

Classic Slide in Black and Caramel

Adult Best Friend Bracelets Silver Brave Bracelet

Together Coffee for the next morning

Let’s face it, a sleepover = pj’s all night, staying up way too late, and making some sort of craft. So once you’re comfy in your Dreamer Doer Pajama Set and Classic Slides, you have to pick your favorite pieces for your Brave jewelry. In the morning, brew some good coffee to recover from your late-night hang. 


If you’re lucky enough to live by a beach or a lake or a pool, outdoor get-togethers are most people’s best option right now. Fortunately, it’s also summer so we can take full advantage of these spaces (and the fashion).

Multiway Shawl in Navy Block (To throw over a bathing suit)

Bandana in Leo (For keeping the hair swept out of your face)

Jute Ring Handle Tote

We’ll just say this about our favorite “fun in the sun” look, it’s a showstopper and definitely meant for the birthday beauty who deserves the spotlight. 

We know things are different this summer and we see you all making changes and postponing celebrations. To everyone doing birthdays differently this year, we love you and we wish you all the happiness. 

Hopefully, everyone can celebrate with us during the BIRTHDAY SALE happening now through July 15th! 

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