Five subscription boxes with a global impact

Subscription boxes have skyrocketed in popularity over the last several years. There used to only be general boxes on the market that included a wide variety of items, but as the consumers began to warm up to the idea of new products being delivered to them each month, niche boxes started popping up.

We’re such a huge fan of subscription boxes because it allows you to discover new products you might not have otherwise purchased, discounted merchandise, and a new present on your doorstep each month is a lovely thing to look forward to. 

But as subscription boxes rise in popularity, we begin to assess our buying choices and ask ourselves where our monthly purchases are coming from, how are these things made, and if they’re helping or hurting those involved. 

As we become more conscious of how our purchases affect others, it only makes sense that we do the same for our subscription boxes. 

So we’ve put together a list of subscription boxes that are full of fair trade, sustainable goodies that don’t skimp on style. 

Sseko Subscription Box 

Sseko Designs uses fashion to create opportunity and community for women globally. The creation of their sustainable and fair trade apparel, bags, and accessories helps to employ bright and industrious women in Uganda and help them to attend university. 

Their seasonal subscription box includes a beautiful curation of hand-made items including an exclusive product only available through the subscription. 


Honest company creates sustainable and healthy products for baby and home. They believe that a happy, healthy life should be a right, not a privilege. Their social initiatives and community partnerships ensure that more people have access to safe, effective options when they need it the most. Their diaper and wipers subscription box is a safe and sustainable alternative and offers members first access to new designs. Their diapers are made with eco-friendly materials. The bio-based core is made with sustainably-harvested fluff pulp and plant-derived materials. 

Globe In 

Globe In Helps you discover unique and ethically-made home goods that are handmade by remote artisans around the world. Every dollar you spend equals job created and fair wages. 

Each monthly box features a themed collection of 4-5 hand-crafted items. There are more than 5 box themes available each month, and subscribers can choose which one they’d like to receive or they can elect to be surprised. 

Love Goodly

Love Goodly is a vegan subscription box that offers full-size vegan makeup, personal care items, and snacks every other month. They make it easy to discover new products when there are so many natural brands on the market. In addition to supporting great vegan, eco-friendly, and non-toxic beauty brands, Love Goodly supports different causes each month. 

Brother’s Coffee 

The coffee supply chain has always been problematic. While most people will happily pay $5 for a good latte, many coffee farmers are living in poverty. It can be hard to decipher which coffee brands are actually using a sustainable and fair trade process and which ones are doing more harm than good. 

Brother’s Coffee subscription box delivers fresh, ethically sourced and globally- responsible coffee to your door each month. They believe that ethical sourcing doesn’t have to compromise flavor. 

Have you tried any of these sustainable subscription boxes? How are you shopping with purpose? Let us know in the comments.

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