Direct sales, MLM, pyramid scheme… You’ve heard all the names, rumors, and horror stories… so have we. 

While there are definitely some companies that have taken advantage of people, we don’t want the fear of the unknown to keep you from taking advantage of an incredible opportunity to be your own BOSS, earn an income, and create incredible impact. 

We want to share some of the pitfalls to stay away from and the questions you should ask before joining hands with a company. If you’ve been considering joining a direct sales company, here are 7 clues that it’s the right choice for you. 

You Like the Products 

Many times people are introduced to direct sales opportunities as a customer of the brand. They’ve purchased the items through someone who sells them, hosted a trunk show to get free products, or heard about them from a friend. If you’re considering selling something, we recommend that you love it yourself because you’ll be a great advocate for products you love and believe in. The authentic love you have for the products will shine through to your community. 

The Business Aligns With Your Passion & Beliefs

You can tell a lot about a business by looking at who they serve and how they operate. Ask how the company manufactures its products, who is affected by the supply chain, and how they’re giving back. To build a business you are passionate about, you need to be able to authentically stand behind your company’s mission and impact. Are they creating safe, dignified working conditions for those they employ? Are they creating economic opportunities for others? Who are they lifting up and who are they seeking to serve with their products? Read their mission statement to make sure you align but also remember that a mission statement is only good if it’s being implemented.You will find your job of sharing the company’s story and selling the products much easier if you know you’re making a positive impact not just in your own life, but in the lives of others too!

They Offer Great Training and Resources 

Imagine if you were offered a job and then were left alone with no instruction on your first day. It could be confusing, frustrating, and isolating. When you’re considering joining a direct sales company, ask about the training, resources, and support you can expect both in the first few months and long term. 

You Feel Comfortable with the Price to Join 

When joining a direct sales company, most companies have some sort of price to join. This will get you physical products you can immediately sell or use as samples as you share the line with your friends and family.The amount you pay should be reflected in the products and resources you receive. We would suggest not investing more in ANY business endeavor than you can afford to lose. Be wary of companies that require you to keep large amounts of inventory at a time. A company should be more focused on how to equip you to SELL than requiring you to BUY. Your initial investment should be enough to get you started and allow you the opportunity to grow. 

You Require or Just Prefer Flexibility 

One of the biggest benefits of joining a direct sales company is the flexibility of being your own boss.You get to decide when you operate your business, how you reach out to potential customers, and how often you’ll work. Many direct sales entrepreneurs can run their entire business from their phones in just a few hours a day. Many people in direct sales have full-time jobs on top of their business and just operate it as a side hustle. Others are working full-time and building a true organization that generates a sustainable income. You get to decide if you want to make a little extra income or if you’d like to build a thriving business that supports your entire family. 

You’re Motivated by Income and Incentives 

The reason you’re considering joining a direct sales company is likely because you want to earn an income. So, it’s important to understand the compensation plan that the company is offering. Many companies have different earning levels or even different compensation plans for different products. If you’re motivated by income, you can decide how much money you want to make and work backward to determine how much effort you need to put in. Be wary of “Get Rich Quick (and easy!)” messaging. Direct Sales is one of the lowest risk ways you can earn a significant income without an earning cap, however, it will, of course, require focus and dedication. Many companies also offer incentives for their top sales teams. Sometimes companies offer trips or large ticket items to people who reach specific goals throughout the year. Some direct sales companies really highlight and celebrate the success of those in their community.  If you love the idea of being rewarded for your success in these ways, direct sales could be right for you. 

They Have a Thriving Community 

No one wants to go at this alone. Being an entrepreneur can be lonely but when you join a direct sales company, you are a part of a community of people who are on a similar journey. \ Find out more about the community who makes up the company you are considering. Ask about the company culture, how the teams work together, stay connected, and support one another. Ask what the company does to create space for the team to build relationships. 

If you’re considering joining a direct sales company and would like to hear more about Sseko Designs, you can learn more here.

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