Meet Allie and Meegan Closner, two of the dynamic trio that make up the band Joseph. Joseph was formed in the small town of Joseph, Oregon and is comprised of three sisters, twins Meegan and Allie, and their older sister Natalie. From playing in living rooms to playing at Red Rocks in Colorado with David Gray, they’ve been making waves across the US with their genetically perfected harmonies, raw lyrics, and artistically distinct style. Through their music, these three women have a way of finding their way into the depths of your soul where they uplift and remind us all that we are not alone. We sat down to coffee with them where they shared with us a bit about the art of fashion and music, the songwriting process, and how they seek the unfamiliar in their day to day life on the road.
The Band Joseph in Sseko

Meet the Band Joseph


Both Meegan and Allie use fashion as a medium to express outwardly what they feel inside. With Meegan, fashion was never anything that she thought or cared about until recently, hiding herself under baggy layers, afraid of come off as too ‘girly’. She says, “I’ve come a long way though, I care a lot about feeling feminine, but controlled and comfortable at the same time. It is so important to feel confident and I think i’ve struck a good balance in style that reflects me well.” Allie commented, “You have a really good way of looking feminine without being too girly.”

Allie got into punk music at the end of high school, which had an influence on her style. “I like having a tiny bit of edge, even if it’s not noticeable to other people, just me.” She continues, “Inwardly, I think about things in sharp angles and having something on me with an edge is a way of expressing that outwardly.”


The Band Joseph in Sseko


How do you feel being described as an artist, or “The Composer”?

Meegan: I love it, I think it frees me, and gives me permission to go create. It’s like, I am that, I love that, I will do that. Songwriting is way more vulnerable than anything I’ve ever done. It’s just like– hello world, welcome to my brain! To have to be really concise and still put all the words to exactly what you’re feeling, it’s tough. One time while writing a song, I found in a notebook in the margins all the things that I was trying to say and meaning to say while trying to write this song. The words are:

I can’t say a true thing
It’s hard to be that honest
There’s always two thoughts, always one after the other
I’m alone
No you’re not.

Allie sees a lot in pictures, she’ll say ‘I see this bird flying over’, ‘this is what I’m feeling’, or ‘these are the colors’, and then Natalie and I will pull out the tune. Natalie is a complete words person, a lot of things that she writes comes out in metaphors and pretty word pictures. When you’re writing with your siblings, that brings a whole other dynamic. It is kind of like bringing your diaries to each other. We’ve had to build a lot of trust with each other. It is extremely vulnerable and can often become really tense.

The Band Joseph in Sseko

Which piece of the Sseko Brave manifesto resonates with you most?

Allie: “Do things that scare you.” A lot of times I don’t do things that scare me. But my motto lately has been– Well, why the hell not? I’ve been so crippled by fear most of my life. And now I’m stepping out of that. No matter what happens, you’ll have a pretty good story because of it. It was very weird to perform at first. I never wanted to until the opportunity presented itself through my sisters. “Do things that scare you” is the exact sentence that describes what this whole musical journey has been for us. Now, getting up on stage doesn’t scare me at all. That whole YOLO thing, i’m finally catching up with that.

Meegan: “Scraped knees are chic” – I love that. I like the idea of being close to things that can mess you up really easily. It’s so easy to keep yourself safe so you never get hurt. Rose bush pricking you, bee stinging. Let yourself get hurt, don’t be so safe. It feels alive to me, the idea of letting your knees hit the ground and not being afraid of it.

The Band Joseph in Sseko

What does it look like to seek the unfamiliar in your daily life?

Allie: Specifically when it comes to music and touring, it’s really easy to only be at the places you need to be. A lot of times we’ll drive all day, play a show, go to the house or hotel we’re staying at, then do the same thing the next day. Our lifestyle may look different than the average woman, but even in unfamiliar places, we have to force ourselves to seeking the unfamiliar. It is easy not to want to do anything out of your comfort zone. There is value in showing up to the real discomfort though, even when you’re exhausted from a show and all you want is a warm bed.

Check out the band Joseph and be sure to watch their music video Cloudline!



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