Over the years we’ve seen so many Fellows reach unimaginable goals with their Sseko business. We are constantly impressed and amazed by the creativity,  heart, and ambition inside this community. 

This week, we are celebrating some of the stunning women who have achieved big dreams with their Sseko income. From savvy side hustlers to the fabulous full-timers, there is room for everyone in this club!

But it isn’t just about the Benjamins. This group of women has also found sisterhood, sustainability, and products that go far beyond fashion. 


One of our Fellows’ favorite parts about being members of the team is the knowledge that the sales they make also contribute to the fair wages and work environments of women all over the world. The fair trade fashion they sell not only brings their customers joy but creates a ripple effect that reaches Ethiopia, Uganda, India, Peru, and Kenya. 

“Because of Sseko, I know that I am making an impact not only in Uganda and Ethiopia but also in India, where I lived for two years and saw the need for dignified work first hand.” – Allison Rushing 

And in this difficult year, we feel the dignified work also extends to our Fellows. There have been a lot of changes in the workforce, but the Fellows have been busier than ever, making a living from home doing what they love.  


We love to see how this community works hard and plays hard! For so many, being able to contribute to their family’s financial needs is a life changer. Vacations, Sseko trips to Uganda, wiping out student loans, and saying “goodbye” to credit cards are just a few of the work perks that come from being a Fellow. 

“Because of Sseko I’ve earned a trip to Uganda, contributed significantly to getting rid of $30,000 worth of debt, and learned to speak the truth and love.” – Chidimma Ozor

“Because of Sseko, I’m able to pay off the debt for my family. I’m able to stay home with my boys. If somebody is sick I don’t have to worry about missing part of my daytime income.” – Jeanene Johnson 


What we love most about these stories from our Fellows is the way each of them gains freedom. Freedom from past insecurities. Freedom from the traditional nine-to-five. Freedom to pursue big dreams. 

“Because of Sseko, I was able to afford to go part-time at my day job and be able to spend time at home with my girls. Because of Sseko, I have been able to meet an incredible community of like-minded women who I can feel like I can just be myself [around].” – Jessica Larios

“So for the past six years I have been a stay-at-home mom and so that means a lot of myself has been lost dealing with dirty diapers and screaming kids. Because of Sseko, I actually found an amazing community of women who are uplifting and inspiring and just want the best for people around the world.” – Carisa Montgomery 

“Because of Sseko I have been able to finance my expenses towards my MBA degree I’m pursuing. Through that work that I’m doing with Sseko I have also been able to partner with women in Uganda and Ethiopia who are also working to finance their university tuition.” – Kaitlin Fedro

The love and passion within every person connected to Sseko never stops surprising us. Make sure you tune in to our Facebook live event TONIGHT to discover even more Sseko success stories. And if you’re ready to take the plunge and become a Fellow, find out how to join us here.

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