For the Spring 2020 ‘Hopefully Yours’ Collection, we traveled the world in search of the most stunning materials and the most beautiful stories. We shot this catalog in Joshua Tree National Park as the Joshua Tree is a symbol of faith, hope, and resilience in the midst of harsh conditions. ⁠

This collection was inspired by the idea of hope — specifically, the hope that emerges when we experience trials. When faced with these challenges, we often dig deep inside ourselves to persevere and overcome. There are two kinds of hope — a wistful, excited hope and then there’s hard-earned hope. The beautiful thing about the latter is that every time we face a new struggle, we have the opportunity to decide how to respond to things that come our way.

We can always choose hope.

And with every item you purchase or sell, you are instilling this hope in the lives of our beautiful, talented, and inspiring sisters in Uganda.

Behind the Scenes of ‘Hopefully Yours’

In this collection, you’ll find more artistry and a deeper artisanal excellence than ever before. From handcrafted legacy leather goods to handwoven and block printed textiles, each piece in this collection is truly something to be celebrated, just like you. 

Stunning Leather Pieces

Every season reveals new seasonal leather colors and every color has a story, thought, and intention that went into its choice.

Our Oiled Agave leather is a celebration of the sweetness that can be found in the struggle. It’s a radical, deep green jewel tone that can transition from season to season. The inspiration behind this gorgeous color was the Agave plant. The Agave plant is robust, strong, and incredibly versatile. It is also referred to as the century plant, as it takes up to 100 years to bloom. But when it blooms — in addition to being beautiful — nearly every part of the plant serves a greater purpose. The agave nectar reminds us that the journey of growth makes success even sweeter as we emerge into a season that celebrates new life and joy.

Our Lavender Mist leather is a light yet vibrant, lavender color that will add an elegant and subtle hue of color into your wardrobe. This is a beautiful representation of how we transition into spring from the darkness of winter. This sophisticated and calming color will also remind you that peace is its own reward, as you remember that true peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to maintain a sense of purpose and hope in the midst of growth.

Our Woven leather fabrication is new to this collection from our partner in India and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share it with you. Our artisans cut the leather into very small strips and patiently weave them together into gorgeous bags. These woven pieces are available in our well-loved zippered-top bucket bag and crossbody purse.

Lastly, we are so excited to share about our Mixed Metallic leather. These are showstopper pieces. In them you’ll find silver, copper, and gold tones. The stunning mixed metallic leather is a reminder that sometimes the reward is not just one the other side of the struggle, but in who you become when you dare to hope.

Ikat Is the New Chevron

What we love so much about the Ikat design — brand new to our collection — is the amount of detail and talent it takes to create. When you wear these pieces, you’ll feel the loving care and intention that went into each and every item.

The Ikat design is created by binding yarn tightly in certain areas. When the yarn is dyed, those areas remain untouched and the pattern emerges. It’s a unique process that celebrates artisanal craftsmanship and allows for each garment to be unique. All of our Ikat designs are created using this hand-woven technique, which requires time, dedication, and love from the artisan’s hand.

The design is available in three colors — navy, gray, and blush — and in multiple products, such as blouses, show-stopping faux jumpsuits, duster, convertible tote, and travel wallet!

Speaking of Ikat pants, our wide-leg pants are made of hand-loomed cotton, and we can guarantee these pants will be your go-to pants this spring and summer. The elastic waistband is comfortable and the side zipper will make sure you get the perfect fit. Did we mention the best part? FRONT POCKETS.

Wearable Art

A few of the new patterns we love in the ‘Hopefully Yours’ collection are the brushed rainbow pattern, secret garden design, and hand-blocked print.

The rainbow stripes are a call to believe that storms bring unparalleled beauty. The skirt is made of wrinkle-resistant chiffon that moves as you do. The elastic waist makes for an easy fit from season to season. Choose from two sizes and two prints…rainbow stripes and leopard print. Can’t decide? Get them both!


The secret garden print is back by popular demand! We heard you loud and clear last year when we first offered this hot-selling print and we’re thrilled to be offering it again. This beautiful, classy, and sophisticated design is available in the multiway shawl and short caftan.

The hand-blocked print — an all-time favorite — is also available in the multiway shawl.

There is so much more in this collection that we can’t wait for you to explore — from jewelry to shoes to bags! But we couldn’t help but share a few more details about some of our favorites and the inspiration behind them. We promise these pieces will become treasured items in your collection, telling not just a story of your personal style — but one of your personal hope, resilience, and belief in the greater good.


Each Sseko product is crafted with love, pride, and intention from the hands and heart of an artisan working to build an incredible future for themselves. Each Sseko product is sold with love, pride, and intention by a Fellow working to build a business she can call her own and life that serves her dreams.

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