Things around Sseko HQ have been busy. and I realized that it has been a just pitiful amount of time since i last updated you, Internet.

And then I realized that the last several updates I’ve done have been more about my subconscious and whimsical wanderings than actually letting you know What. Is. Up.

So here is what’s up.

A couple of weeks ago, we asked for your help in giving us some suggestions for boutiques that might be interested in carrying Ssekos. And you did good, Internet. Real good. I’ve got a nice long list of boutiques all around the country that you all suggested. (Have I told you lately how much I LOVE SSEKO FRIENDS??? Seriously, you people rule.) My plan was to start reaching out to them. And I did that. But very quickly on, I realized a trend.

People. Love. Ssekos.

And well, almost every single boutique that I contacted immediately contacted me back and said, “Um. Yes, please.”

So I paused to think. {Which I should do more frequently.} We decided to pull back the reigns a little until we can ramp up production…even more. {Remember when we, oh, doubled our employment capacity a few short months ago?}

Because it turns out that orders of 20,30,40 sandals starts to have quite the effect on your already lean inventory.

And then I started getting emails. From boutiques. But not the ones I contacted. New ones. I guess they talk, those boutiques. Maybe they have a chat room or a virtual pub where they all gather to talk about boutique-ey things?

And phone calls. Like urgent, I don’t want to get off the phone until I have an order in for these things phone calls.

So, I’ve been a busy, busy bee. Ben has been working on some super awesome inventory tracking systems for our new wholesale accounts so I don’t loose my pretty little head. And we are all chatting and dreaming about how we are going to




{and subsequently send. girls. to college.) (!!!!!!!!!!!)

Julie may or my not have gotten a late night email from me that said: “we need a s**t ton of sandals. like now.” I really try not to use foul language. But sometimes I like the dramatic effect. Sorry if you were reading this out loud to your kids. I hope you didn’t fill in the asterisk.

So that is a little “snap” (that is what you call pictures in Uganda, snaps!) of where we are. If you happen to be in Kansas City, pop in and fill an order or nine with me. We are still definitely taking orders from retailers, but just not pursuing them as aggressively at the moment.

That is all for update #1. I am making a solemn promise that update #2 will be coming very shortly. I have two pretty fantastic announcement to make.



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