Today we’re bringing back the Brave Spotlight Series to highlight two female entrepreneurs whose missions are near and dear to our hearts, as both women work to empower artisans in Uganda!

Meet Courtney Poole of Rose & Fitzgerald and Carly Nance of The Citizenry. These two are taking Brave steps every day towards big dreams of changing the way business and retail operate. We asked them to select the pieces of the Sseko Manifesto that most resonate with them, and they answered a few questions for us related to them. They recently teamed up on a collaboration, and share their experiences with us. Hope you find inspiration, as we did, in their experiences overcoming challenges and achieving success in their ventures!

Brave Spotlight: Courtney Poole & Carly Nance | Sseko Designs

How are you practicing bravery through teaming up as women business owners and telling the story of “HOW IT’S MADE MATTERS”?

Courtney & Carly: Both of our brands were created to progress human craftsmanship in the distant corners of the world. This shared vision made partnering to design an exclusive collection of handcrafted goods from Uganda a no-brainer; however, executing this collaboration took bravery on both ends.

We had to be brave enough to step outside our design comfort zones and be willing to give and take ideas. Brave enough to trust the other’s instincts. And brave enough to know that by taking risks together, we can have a bigger impact than we ever could separately.

The end result is a collection that will continue to give back through sustainable relationships in Uganda. We’re both so glad we took the leap to team up and tell this story. Our hope is that this bravery is reflected in these beautiful, rare pieces for the home.


How do you practice bravery in your daily life?

Courtney: Overcoming the challenges that come with running a business in Uganda is a constant adventure, which requires bravery each and every day. Whether it is driving through the chaos of the city, walking through overcrowded markets to seek out new artisans, or attempting to create rare, high-quality products using local materials — there is never a dull moment. But I feel like now, my inspiration comes in so many different forms. I feel constantly stimulated by my surroundings and relationships in a foreign land and culture. It has given me strength, independence and confidence. And it has taught me that being brave and taking leaps of faith into the unknown, is a terrifying, yet super exciting part of a life well lived.


Why did the tenet “Be Brave” resonate most with you?

Courtney: It’s straightforward and to the point. “Be brave” is a challenge that doesn’t always come naturally. Risking it all, putting yourself out there, choosing a very different path than you ever expected you would — all of these things take an immense amount of bravery and perseverance. But in the end, being brave is so worth it. I plan to take this challenge, and these words, with me throughout life, because I sincerely believe the best things come to those who are brave enough to risk it all in order to live a life that is fulfilling and inspiring.

Thank you, Courtney & Carly, for continually taking #smallsteps towards bigger dreams. If you aren’t familiar with their companies, take a look at ROSE & FITZGERALD and THE CITIZENRY — these gals are doing some pretty awesome things!

Brave Spotlight: Courtney Poole & Carly Nance | Sseko Designs

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