We are honored to introduce you to a longtime dear friend of Sseko – Emily Loerke. A lover of the outdoors and keeper of bees, all-star friend, wife to Tim and new mama to a little one (named Brave! How much do we LOVE THAT?!), she challenges us to give grace and be brave in the big and small.

emily todays letters

We asked Emily what “small steps” she is taking in her life toward bigger dreams and goals. She told us writing down her goals is a huge part of taking small steps. Only 3% of people actually write down their goals, but if we do write them down, we’re 10 times more likely to accomplish them. She explains, “Six months ago my husband and I said we wanted to celebrate our 10 year anniversary fly fishing together in Montana. We wrote this down on a piece of paper and taped it to our refrigerator. Tonight we booked our tickets to Big Sky.”

If you have read Emily’s blog, Today’s Letters, you know grace is evident in who she is. In a blogging world where creating a facade of perfection is rampant, her honesty, authenticity, and self-grace is a breath of fresh air.

emily brake loerke

Emily told us our tenet, “When in doubt give grace” says it all: “If I can wake up each day and remember that life isn’t about me then I might actually be successful at loving people despite my brokenness.”

You can check out Emily over at her blog Today’s LettersInstagramTwitter etc.

What “small steps” are you taking towards bigger dreams or goals?


What is a Sseko #SmallSteps Ambassador?

Sseko is featuring a series of inspirational women who are taking “small steps” towards big dreams…these “ambassadors” each exemplify a different tenet of the Sseko Manifesto that they are living out on a daily basis. These are the women that inspire us to be brave, dream big and step out of our comfort zones! These are the women that remind us that every great journey begins with just a small step…

All photos are taken from Emily’s Instagram.

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