“Your body is not your masterpiece — your life is.” – Glennon Melton

It can be difficult in the fashion industry to maintain a healthy sense of self in the midst of convoluted messaging that reinforces the lie that we are not enough. Fix it, dress it up, or hide it altogether – there doesn’t tend to be a lot of space for self-appreciation. We believe it’s crucial for women to realize their dignity – because that dignity is the spark that gives way to a flame of self-love. And we believe no one better exemplifies that spark than the inspiring Francesca Giaimo, one of our Sseko #SmallSteps Ambassadors.

Francesca Giamio

Francesca is an LA-based professional makeup artist that has worked with big brands, niche magazines and hit TV shows alike. But the raddest thing about Francesca? She encourages authenticity in a space that’s so often focused on fixing and concealing. She helps us see that we are often our harshest critics, but that through the pursuit of dignity, we can warmly embrace our innate and unique beauty. We’ve loved getting a glimpse into her world, and we hope you do, too!

What “small steps” are you taking towards bigger dreams or goals?

In my career, I am practicing saying yes more and being more courageous! I love routine, so sometimes my first reaction when a new client approaches me is to be nervous and afraid. But every time I agree to a project that I may have been tentative about, I end up either meeting wonderful people, being creative, or learning something new by pushing myself further than I thought I could go. These are all positive things that have opened the door to greater opportunities or eye opening experiences. In my personal life, I am practicing not complaining. Having a positive and grateful attitude can change the entire theme of your life. We all see what we look for, so I am choosing to look for the positive in my every day life.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to 13-year-old you?

To my 13 year old self I would simply say “Please treat yourself with kindness”.

What does “Dignity is the spark that gives way to a flame” mean to you?

“Dignity is the spark that gives way to a flame” means to me: I am part of an industry that focuses on outer beauty and I wholeheartedly disagree with the idea that we, as women, are are not enough (pretty, smart, funny, thin, curvy, etc). We are all worthy of honor and respect just as we are. When we realize this, we become unstoppable.

We asked Francesca if there was anything else she would want to share, and she showed us a beautiful article written by Glennon Melton, published on Huffington Post. We’re smitten, and are excited to pass it on to you! We’ve included her favorite quote above, but encourage you to check out the full article on the Huffington Post: Your Body Is Not Your Masterpiece.

You can check out Francesca on the Cescadarling Tumblr, Instagram @cescadarling, YouTube (–or on her website:!

What is a Sseko #SmallSteps Ambassador?

Sseko is featuring a series of inspirational women who are taking “small steps” towards big dreams…these “ambassadors” each exemplify a different tenet of the Sseko Manifesto that they are living out on a daily basis. These are the women that inspire us to be brave, dream big and step out of our comfort zones! These are the women that remind us that every great journey begins with just a small step…

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