“Usually you know something scares you when your heart starts racing, when you are about to hit submit or publish, make that difficult phone call, send that e-mail–it’s your body telling you to trust that the difficult way is the way of healing and wholeness and freedom.” These are the insightful words of our newest Brave Spotlight – Rebekah Lyons.

Brave Spotlight: Rebekah Lyons | Sseko Designs

Rebekah is a mother of three, wife of one, and dog walker of two living in New York City. Author of a recently published book, Freefall to Fly, she’s an old soul with a contemporary, honest voice. Rebekah puts a new face on the struggles women face as they seek to live a life of meaning.

We asked Rebekah what small steps she is taking away from fear and towards bigger dreams and goals, and she told us these small steps look like “establishing healthy rhythms to sustain energy for the things I am passionate about. Carving out space for yoga a few times weekly and creating space to wake early in the morning before the rest of the house. Taking regular walks outside and creating space for time with other women who inspire me.”

Rebekah told us she loves the part of our manifesto – “Read good books and ask hard questions.” She says, “The asking questions shows curiosity, humility and teachability. We are most shaped by who we engage with and what we read and I don’t ever want to abandon that.”

Brave Spotlight: Rebekah Lyons | Sseko Designs

We’re rooting for you Rebekah. We love your bravery, authenticity, and willingness to take small steps in healthy rhythms!

You can check out Rebekah over at her blog, Instagram, and Twitter.

What “small steps” are you taking away from fear and towards bigger dreams or goals?


What is a Sseko #SmallSteps Ambassador?

Sseko is featuring a series of inspirational women who are taking “small steps” towards big dreams…these “ambassadors” each exemplify a different tenet of the Sseko Manifesto ( that they are living out on a daily basis. These are the women that inspire us to be brave, dream big and step out of our comfort zones! These are the women that remind us that every great journey begins with just a small step…

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