We are proud to introduce you to our friend, Stella Maria Baer. Stella is an artist with roots in Santa Fe, New Mexico, but currently lives in New Haven, Connecticut. Her work is stunningly reticent of the desert – the lines, color, and space will take you to another world. As our “Say yes to adventure” Ambassador, she exudes bravery in the adventure of art.

Brave Spotlight: Stella Maria Baer | Sseko Designs

What advice would you give to 13-year-old you?

Don’t worry about what people think of you.  Keep doing what you believe in.  Keep looking at the moon and stars.

What does “Say yes to adventure” mean to you?

For me, “say yes to adventure” means taking the risks you need to take to live your dreams – it means painting in the desert.

What small steps are you taking towards bigger dreams?

For the past few months I’ve been working on a series of large scale paintings, larger than I’ve ever made before.  I hope to finish eleven more and show them sometime in 2015.  Every day I pick up my paints and brushes and move closer toward that dream.

You can check out Stella on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or her beautiful website.


What is a Sseko #SmallSteps Ambassador?

Sseko is featuring a series of inspirational women who are taking “small steps” towards big dreams…these “ambassadors” each exemplify a different tenet of the Sseko Manifesto ( that they are living out on a daily basis. These are the women that inspire us to be brave, dream big and step out of our comfort zones! These are the women that remind us that every great journey begins with just a small step…

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