“I’m going to be in Uganda. Can I visit the workshop?”

Surprisingly, that is one of the most common questions emailed to our staff in the U.S., and we’re thrilled that so many of you are able to travel and visit us. If you’re going to be in Kampala and have time for a visit, please let us know!

Can I Visit the Workshop | Sseko Designs

We’d love to show you our workshop and introduce you to the ladies in person. A typical visit involves a tour of each of the stations to see how the sandals are made, and time to interact with the women and ask a few questions. We don’t have a huge selection of sandals available for purchase at the workshop, but you’re welcome to peruse what is available to find gifts for family and friends- or yourself.

To arrange your visit, email both Agnes ( and Ashley (, our procurement manager and operations director. We want to make sure your email doesn’t get lost in someone’s vacation plans or work travel, so sending an email to both ensures that we won’t miss you. One of them will provide you with phone contact information, directions, and suggestions about the best time to visit. Sometimes if the power goes out early in the morning, or we’ve just celebrated sending off a huge shipment, we’ll take the afternoon off- so make sure to check in with us first instead of just showing up. We’d hate to miss you! We usually conduct tours between 3-5pm when the day is winding down and the ladies are better able to step away from their work to answer questions and say hello.

We love visitors, and have been lucky to have so many of you stop by to see our work and give some encouragement to our team. Hope to see you soon!

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