We love this time of year. Giving is at its peak. Fashion is front and center. And everyone is looking for the perfect, personal gift to give their loved ones.

Sure, you could go with a gift card and make it easy, but we know you’re the kind of giver who likes to add a unique touch. And nothing says “I got this especially for you!” like an order from our Custom Shop!

There are literally hundreds of ways you can mix and match, style and personalize to come up with creations that your loved ones won’t see anywhere else. Not to mention that everything from our custom shop comes with the same quality guarantee, the same fair-trade certification, and the same awesome ability to support higher education for women around the world, just like the rest of our products.

Give a gift this year that shows how special your inner circle is while contributing to the greater good!


It doesn’t matter if you’re six or sixty, stocking stuffers and tiny trinkets are some of the best gifts of the season. You don’t have to break the bank to go custom-you can order sweet little somethings that still feel special. 

For your teen who just started driving, get them a Custom Lather Keychain. Pick your favorite leather look and even get it monogrammed with their name or initials so they can’t lose their keys at school.

For your coworker, get a cute Coin Purse that’s totally her style to carry the small items needed when you go on lunch breaks together.

For your fiery friend, add the Custom Leather Cuff to her accessories. It’s a bold statement piece made even more magnificent with a fun print like Fauna or a pop of color like Pebbled Amore. 


All year long you can customize a sleek pair of sandals for someone you love! Do you have a Christmas cruise you’re surprising grandma with? Are you escaping the snow for more tropical temperatures and want your wife to rock a comfy, quality set that matches her new bathing suit?

This time of year, it isn’t easy to find sandals on sale at the store, so get ahead of the curve (and earn bonus points) with a custom pair!

If you’re looking for stylish sandals that you can dress up, incorporate some of the metallic leather options like Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, and Mixed Metallic. If you think the wonderful woman in your life would prefer a more everyday, casual look, stick with classic combos like Smooth Caramel and Pebbled Black. But if your lady is flashy and fun, mix in our seasonal Snakeskin pattern with a pop of Plucky Yellow.


Everyone walks away from the gift-giving season with a present that was the ultimate item. If you want your gift to be that for her, here are the custom items you need to go for!

The Custom Circle Bag is a flagship Sseko item and a customer favorite. It’s ideal for hands-free hangouts and date nights. The circular shape is eye-catching as is, but when you add some custom appeal, the magic really kicks in. 

When customizing, consider her favorite outfit for girls night. If she goes for a little black dress, you could consider doing Pebbled Black for the main body of the bag, Fauna for the secondary, and Mixed Metallic straps. If she’s more of jeans and white blouse kind of gal, you might incorporate Pebbled Olive and Pebbled Gold. If she’s fully into florals, Rose Gold, Oiled Caramel, and an embroidered rose will give her the flower power she loves. 

The Petal Layered Statement Earring is a boho babe’s best friend. You get a lot of customization options in this petite package. Mix and match colors, patterns, and texture. We love a mix of smooth, pebbled, and hair-on leathers for a look that you won’t find anywhere but here. Then top it with her first initial for a final touch she’ll love. 

The Custom Brass Circle Pendant is a classic, custom gift. If your wife just became a mom, add the initial of your baby’s name to her jewelry collection. If you just got married, add the initial of her new last name. Keep a special reminder close to her heart with this pretty little pendant. 

Effort goes a long way when it comes to giving the perfect gift. Designing something unique with the person you love in mind screams thoughtful. They don’t have to know how easy it was for you to create a custom gift in the Sseko Shop, they’ll just be in love with the personalization.

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