This season is about simplicity. Appreciating the details. Elegance. Minimalism.


It’s about being intentional about seeking beauty in simplicity. It’s not flashy or loud. Instead, the allure is in the textures, the draping, the shape, the color. It’s slow and even a little bit moody. It’s about the elegance and confidence that comes from pursuing simplicity.


The backdrop of the season is cool but still very much so alive. Winter roses, sprigs of evergreen and herbs. Vibrant and rich. Winter, alps, aspen trees. With a collection color palette limited to caramels and blacks and ivories, we’re focusing on enhancing the details, textures, stitching, color variation and the organic nature of leather.


Who is the Sseko woman? She is confident and aware. Her wardrobe and purchases are a reflection of this. Curated without being stuffy. Minimal without being boring. Her overall look is polished and pulled-together, but when you look closer, you can see the variety, creativity and intentionality in her choices.0T2B65950T2B6684















Simplicity is finding vibrancy and life in the midst of winter. Simplicity is the cornerstone of elegance and sophistication. Simplicity leads to a posture of gratitude.



Buy better, not more. Gratitude, mindfulness and awareness are all outcomes of a life lived simply. Embrace simplicity this season with our Fall collection.

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