The month of December is one of Sseko’s favorites for so many reasons. The holiday cheer, cozying up with our loved ones around the fire, and of course, Dressember

img_1065-1Dressember is a movement that was started to raise funds and awareness for anti-trafficking. At the heart of the movement is the belief that “every woman has the right to live a vibrant and autonomous life”, something we here at Sseko can definitely get behind! By wearing a dress everyday for the month of December, thousands of women around the globe have already raised over $1.5 million to end human trafficking. And that’s in just three years!

The Sseko Uganda team is loving every bit of Dressember! And more than anything, love to prove that you really can do anything in a dress. Because it’s bigger than a dress. It’s about dignity, freedom and femininity for women everywhere.


img_1033  img_1042

img_1045  img_1053

We believe every woman has a dream and she deserves the freedom to pursue those dreams! If you’re with us it’s not too late to join the Dressember movement. You can create a fundraising page of your own or join the other bold and brave women on our Dressember fundraising team here!

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