The Sseko Fellows are a group of women across the U.S. who share our story, sell our products, and make a difference in their community and our world. We are so lucky to walk alongside these women in creating a brighter future, and want to take a moment to introduce you to one of them, Amberleigh!

Amberleigh MacIntyre recently hit ADVENTURESS STATUS, which is a huge deal in Sseko world, let us tell you! This means she sold over $10,000 worth of product in just one month! And that she has helped earn heaps of badges for her Sole Sister in Uganda to earn additional scholarship money for university. This ALSO means that she’ll be joining us on a FREE trip to Uganda in the spring! So, let’s introduce you to Amberleigh…

Amberleigh | Sseko Fellow


When did you join the Sseko Fellows Program? Why?

I joined the Sseko Fellows Program this summer because of a trip I took to Nairobi, Kenya with Compassion International in March. Experiencing the poverty in African slums alongside the beauty, energy, and faith of those who live there was life-altering to say the least. The women that I met in Nairobi in particular were so fierce, intelligent, and kind. They did everything they could with what they had to make sure their children had a meal during the day. The problem was, they had close to nothing to work with. When I came back home, I felt I needed to do something to get involved. It was not enough to send money or sponsor children- I wanted to do something that did more than place a Band-Aid over the issues. So, when I found Sseko and read about their mission to educate and empower women, I knew I had to become a fellow. Sseko offers something that alters lives permanently, not temporarily, and I want to make a far-reaching difference with my time on this earth.

What about the Sseko Fellows Program is lifegiving for you?

I think media and just everything going on makes it easy to grow bitter and forgot about the good in the world. Being a Fellow has revived my belief in the immense amount of good in the world and has reminded me that so many people want to help and make a difference, and are doing so! I constantly have women thank me for what I am doing and even purchase when they do not need anything solely because they want to help. At a craft fair, a woman ran up to my table and exclaimed, “You are the only meaningful table here! Thank you so much!” The world is not a bad place; actually, it is beautiful place thriving with those who desire to “do good” and make a difference. Sseko has showed me that you simply need to begin to do something to make a difference, and do good, and you will find that you are not at all alone in that endeavor.

Since becoming a Sseko Fellow what’s changed for you? How have you grown?

How have I NOT grown!? I like how Bri described me while announcing the new Sseko Mentor Fellows- “introvert gone rogue.” I used to ignore every unknown number that called me and would get my mother to make calls for me because talking on the phone to strangers, for some odd reason, gave me anxiety. When people knocked on the front door, I would run up to third floor and hide until I knew they were gone. I did not make conversation with strangers, but would pretend to be on my phone in situations that allowed someone to talk to me. Those acts, however, do not get one to Adventuress Status.

Since becoming a Fellow, I have completely broken out of my shell. It turns out that all it took was something I was passionate about. I have a hard time now not talking about Sseko. I call and write customers and have conversations about Sseko and other topics with strangers at Dunkin’ Donuts (I have actually booked multiple hostesses from Dunkin’ Donuts lines). While teaching about Sseko, I am also learning about others and learning about myself. I am just an all-around happier person because I now want to know everyone’s story!

What tenant of the Sseko Manifesto resonates most with you?

“Practice Radical Generosity.”

It’s as simple as that. When you help others, you help yourself in the most crucial way.

We talk a lot about being brave here at Sseko. What does it mean to you to ‘Be Brave.’?

Being Brave means overcoming things that hold you back for some reason. They can hold you back because they cause fear, because they seem impossible and you think “I could never do that,” or even just because other people do not do things that way and we do not want to be “different.” Being brave does not always mean you are no longer afraid, but you push through that to achieve something that otherwise you would have not! The reward for being brave usually always far exceeds whatever you had to go through.

You hit Adventuress Status! What’s the next goal(s) on your list to achieve as a Sseko Fellow?

I hope to keep building an incredible team of ladies as a Sseko Mentor Fellow. I hope that they are all as inspired as I am by the Sseko Fellow life. Maybe one of these days, I will have a Fellow hit Adventuress Status…. 🙂

Want to learn more about the Sseko Fellows? Visit our Fellows page, and sign up to attend our next Q&A on Jan 4th at 3pm PST!

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