Hear from Sseko Fellow Hope as she shares her experience with the Sseko Sisterhood from the virtual world to Uganda. This Sisterhood has shed light to her freedom…

This Sseko Sisterhood of Fellows has been a delightful surprise and a gift of immeasurable value in my life. It is truly the greatest community I have ever been privileged to be a part of that is filled with some of my most favorite people in the world.


Our Sisterhood exists virtually to span the geographical distances between us. We celebrate brave moments, milestones and successes. We grieve losses, tragedy, heartbreaks, and illness. We are here for one another in the hard stuff, the struggles, the hopeful times, and celebrations. It is a safe place to honestly share our feelings, fears, and issues. I am regularly inspired by my Sisters that are tackling difficult life circumstances with grace and strength as well as those surviving the struggles of routine life. Dignity is a cornerstone of our Sisterhood.

Some of our community flourishes where Sisters live near one another and gather on a regular basis for Sister Time.

Three times a year, parts of our community come together from across the US. It is in this physical gathering of women I have been shocked to discover there is no drama no matter if there are 2, 18 or 40 women. Instead, there is deep intimacy where relationships are solidified with laughter, tears, dancing, and stories. It is where honesty, transparency, and vulnerability are sacred and honored.

In April, I flew halfway around the world with a group of my Sisters to Uganda on the greatest adventure of my life! It was a magical time of discovery and exploration as we shared meals, long car rides, hotel rooms and late night conversations. We were greeted with open arms and hearts by our Ugandan Sseko Sisters. We were embraced as partners that are equally valued and our inter-dependence was openly acknowledged and celebrated. In three short days, I experienced yet again, this rapid growth of a deep relationship with some of the bravest, smartest, hardest working and most loving women I am privileged to count as business partners and friends.

It is within this Sisterhood that I have discovered FREEDOM to become more fully myself. I am seen, heard, validated and valued. My Sisters have called out things I was not aware resided within me. They have accepted me as I am. They have challenged me to face my fears, to cultivate healthier habits, to dream bigger dreams than I have ever dreamt before and reach for goals far outside my comfort zone.  My Sisters have encouraged me to honestly examine my weaknesses and character defects while reminding me these in no way diminish my value and worth. They spur me on towards growth. They have spoken truth and life into my world. I have begun to believe my value and worth is both immeasurable and non-negotiable and that I deserve to be known and loved deeply while treated with dignity and respect. Being a part of this Sisterhood has empowered me to discover and embrace all of me.

If you would like to step into the opportunity that Hope has as a Sseko Fellow, we would love to talk to you!

As a Sseko Fellow, you’ll be part of an incredibly supportive group of women, you’ll get to style and sell stunning fashionable products that make a difference in the lives of women across the globe, and you’ll earn an income for yourself and your family.


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