One of my favorite parts of working with Ugandan women is the variety of hairstyles that walk through our gate every morning. The girls usually save up their money to get their hair done and change the style every so often. It’s common that after we hire a new employee, their hairstyle will change immediately after their first paycheck.  What can I say? Girls are girls everywhere.  Recently, Teopista came in with the best style yet. The first thing that crossed my mind was, “oh. my. gosh. Rihanna!” She said she’s heard of the singer but never seen a picture. So priority #1 was to show her a picture of her pop-star twin, whose style she matches without even trying. Sseko women are so original. 

Anyway, speaking of Teopista: She has been an unofficial strap manager for the past few months.  She oversees the production of straps from start to finish, and she has become quite the pro. She’s a creative thinker and problem solver, and she works really well with the other women. She’s spicy, and she’s passionate. We’ve decided to give Teo an official promotion to being a strap manager. Teopista is incredibly dedicated to quality and works so hard to deliver you beautiful straps. Congratulations, Teopista, we’re so fortunate to work with you!

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