They did it! Your daughter/son, your wife/husband, your niece/nephew, your sister/brother, your mom/dad… someone in your life just crossed a major milestone and you want to celebrate their big accomplishment!

Cash is too impersonal. Flowers are lovely, but they only last a week. Balloons are better suited for birthday parties.

You want something that lasts and can serve as a reminder of their incredible achievement. 

We’re here to help. For any stage, any age we have a gift that can complement your graduate’s new life and mark their success.

Custom Gifts

Perhaps one of our favorite options to celebrate is the ability to customize a look specifically for the graduate in your life. A custom gift means they will not only get something particularly tailored to their preferences, but it also means you put in real effort.

Select from a wide variety of sandals, jewelry, and handbags to customize. From color to monograms, you can add details that express their individual style. 

Order a pair of earrings that are her school’s colors. Or monogram a bag with “Ph.D.” to designate the highest level of academic achievement. Either way, she’ll know it was a gift from the heart!

Capsule Shopping

Maybe you aren’t exactly a fashion-forward friend, but want to get a beautiful collection of gifts for your graduate. 

You could either:

  • Painstakingly scour hundreds of products and ask the opinions of dozens of friends
  • Purchase a Sseko capsule and call it done

Our capsules are a curated selection of items from our seasonal collections. Often they include a piece of clothing, a handbag, and a shoe. They are styled to go together perfectly and will always be on-trend. 

We group them in ways that make it easy for you to decide what is most befitting your newly degreed companion. We have more relaxed capsules for the woman who is planning a post-graduation trip. And “elevated” capsules for those ready to dive right into their career. 

If you have a friend who is hosting a trunk show soon, purchase through her to save 10% (a discount only available during events).

A la Carte

There is also nothing wrong with shopping our wide selection of products and picking the item that best suits your graduate. Sseko offers sustainable fashion and a cause we believe gives our goods some extra “feels.” 

Here are a few product recommendations based on the degree your friend or family member is earning.


Is there a nobler profession than becoming a nurse? This career takes compassion and strength and no gift speaks to that quite like the Brave jewelry collection. 

The Brave Earrings in Gold with Hope Pieces will help to keep her grounded.

Or you can really set her up with the Brave Necklace Long Chain in Gold with these pieces: 

She can wear this collection on top of her scrubs or tucked in close to her heart to give her strength and encouragement through those 12-hour days.


If your graduate is likely to have a commute or a cross-city walk, she’ll need something more than a purse. The Eden Backpack in Oiled Cognac will hold her essentials, protect her laptop and keep her hands-free so she can grab a coffee on the way in.

For some flair to her business attire, grab her a Scarf in Leo to keep her cozy and stylish!


Dressing to hang out with kids is a tricky business. You have to be stylish and comfy. Nothing pulls that off better than the Multiway Shawl in Navy Block. With over 12 ways to wear this style she can change her look from classroom to conference in a flash.

Another versatile piece for teachers-to-be is the Carryall Cosmetic Bag in Mixed Metallic. She can keep her red pen, her lip gloss and a bottle of hand sanitizer in there.


For the number-focused new graduate, the Shopper Tote in Oiled Caramel is a must. It will hold her laptop, mouse (you can’t work in spreadsheets without this!), calculator, and paperwork.

She can also keep her own finances in check with the Wallet in Oiled Cognac.

And for the days when she has to go in deep, the Scrunchie in Hide and Seek is there to get her hair out of the way so she can get down to business. 


The psychology major in your life is about getting into other people’s heads, not letting you into her own! Instead of trying to puzzle out what she wants, go with the Medium Moon Clutch in Mixed Metallic & Gold with a Sseko gift card tucked inside.

For the Fellas

While most of our gifts tend to skew more feminine, we do have a very stylish collection of leather products for the guy in your life who just graduated. 

Set him up with a Slim Wallet in Oiled Chocolate. And if you’re feeling extra generous, throw a gift card inside!

If he just graduated high school and is going away to college, the Weekender Duffel Bag in Oiled Chocolate will take him anywhere and the leather will continue to get better with age, just like him.

Graduation is such a momentous time in life. Make sure you get the important person in your life something unforgettable to commemorate this accomplishment!

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