After walk through the neighborhood led to quick photoshoot a few weeks ago, Loy flipped through the pictures on the camera screen, looking at herself as she grinned and posed dramatically on film. “They’re great!” she says. “I like all of them.” We’re not sure where this new Loy came from, a bubbling and confident woman who smiles widely in photos, but we can only hope to have played a small part in it. The serious faced camera-shy girl is nowhere to be seen, these days.

Graduate Update: Loy | Sseko Designs

Loy is just finishing up her first semester at Kyambogo University, where she studies Economics and Statistics, and she seems to be settling easily into college life. Her favorite part is the kindness of her course-mates. They all work together to navigate workloads and frustrations that come up in classes. She loves learning, and thinks the tough classes are worth it. She’s happy to be studying something applicable to her future career.

Graduate Update: Loy | Sseko Designs

And though Sseko may not be entirely responsible for her new gregarious camera presence, she does credit us with teaching her one major life skill that is very applicable at University- time management.

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