Sofia set herself apart from her Sseko class very early on, proving herself to be a young woman with bold and articulate ideas, and after just one semester at Kyambogo University- she’s done it again.

Graduate Update: Sofia | Sseko Designs

At the beginning of the semester, when class leaders were being elected, a group of young men tried to suggest to everyone that the voting could happen without hearing from any of the candidates. Sofia wasn’t satisfied with judging leaders on charm alone, and voiced her opinion- that before voting happened, they should, at the very least, hear a speech from the hopeful candidates. Sofia stood up for something she believed in, and these days when she walks around campus, her classmates remember her for it.

Graduate Update: Sofia | Sseko Designs

When she’s not busy monitoring the fairness of elections, Sofia is working hard in her courses, and enjoying time at home. She lives with Loy, Sharon, and 11 other girls that graduated from Cornerstone Leadership Academy, the school that she attended prior to her time at Sseko. There are fruit trees growing in the yard, and beautiful sweeping views of the surrounding neighborhoods from their hillside garden. But even with so many friends around, Sofia is determined to work hard. She enjoys her fundamentals of accounting class and explains that it feels great to be learning about the subject that will one day be her career.

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