Our Sseko community is no stranger to the truly essential need for fair-trade operations in the fashion industry. Over the years, you’ve seen women in Uganda and other parts of the world receive education, earn fair wages, and work in safe environments as a direct result of your involvement with Sseko.

This year, we’re pleased to be collaborating with another product partner seeking to liberate and elevate women in the most vulnerable of conditions.

Our Holiday jewelry production partner is a social enterprise in East Asia that partners with trafficked women in East Asia and offers them hope and opportunity.


In a year that has been unquestionably hard on people throughout the world, those hit hardest are the ones already in vulnerable positions. Through partnerships like this one, we are hoping this season brings about a surge of relief to those who need it most.

To date, our partners have employed and trained 150 women in their fair trade jewelry company and served thousands more. They started out simply wanting to help, and their business has blossomed into an astounding enterprise. 

Our partners operate on a three-pronged plan for bringing these women out of abusive and violent circumstances. First, they introduce them to freedom by offering contact, communication, and even celebration in ways many of them have never experienced. Then, they seek to help them establish independence by offering life skills training and holistic care. Finally, they provide them with a chance to truly thrive through career training. Stories, like that of a woman who was trafficked by a relative, came into contact with our partners, and then went on to specialize in accounting are common among this brave organization seeking to liberate as many women as possible.

And now you can help too, by continuing to shop with your heart!



If you’re interested in being a part of the change these women seek, you can do so simply by shopping for jewelry pieces this season.



We have been so dazzled by the glittering, sparkling pink perfection of the Druzy collection. This time of year is absolutely the season for shiny and bright and these pieces will provide an eye-catching addition to any outfit.

The Dainty Druzy Circle Ring in Blush is the perfect complement to any stack. As for earrings, you have two choices: the Druzy Circle Stud Earrings in Blush and the Druzy Oval Drop Earrings in Blush. And hey, if you have multiple piercings, they look great paired up!


Brave Collection

You may have already heard, but we are now offering Rose Gold in the Brave Collection. You can get the earrings,  bracelet, and short necklace in everyone’s favorite rosy metallic. There are also new pieces available from our East Asia partner, including the:



Finally, you can really make a splash this gift-giving season with two beautiful additions to someone’s jewelry collection.

The Mother of Pearl Drop Necklace is a sleek and sophisticated style that is perfect for mom or grandma.

The Reversible “Be Brave” Phrase Necklace in Gold & Mother of Pearl is two gifts in one. On one side, you have a message of courage and strength, on the back, an elegant bar of pearl. This is a great gift for your sister, daughter, or niece!


This year, small businesses were devastated, local economies destroyed and unfortunately, that means the world is even riper for exploitation and hardship. As we focus our attention on gift-giving, the best thing we can do is choose with our money. Choose equality. Choose opportunity. Choose wisely. Your dollars make a huge difference domestically and internationally when they are put to good, intentional use!

Thank you for always being on the side of fair trade fashion.

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