se product with a reusable product. Use silicone straws instead of plastic ones. Carry an insulated thermos instead of using plastic water bottles. And for grocery store trips, grab a cute reusable tote instead of a plastic bag.

Not only do our totes make you more sustainable, but they come with a fun message. Spread awareness with our “How It’s Made” tote or show off your girl power with our “Like a Girl” tote. Give others the inspiration of “Who Needs Luck When You Have Pluck?” and share the motto of Sseko Co-Founder and CEO, Liz Bohannon, from her book, Beginner’s Pluck with our Pluck Tote!

“Many Ways” Wardrobe

We totally get it! Sometimes you need to freshen up your look. Some days you need a handbag and other days you need a backpack. Traditional fashion expectations would have you buy a new product for every purpose. Sustainable fashion brands offer a single item that works in many ways.

This is one of our favorite features of some of our top-selling products.

The Multiway Shawl in Navy Block Print can be worn in, at least, a dozen different ways. Wear it as a shawl, a scarf, a vest, and more. 

Our ribbon sandals are another of those versatile statement pieces that offer a plethora of options. Be honest, how many different pairs of sandals do you pick up during the warm weather months? What if instead you bought one pair of sandals and just swapped out the ribbon to match your outfit or your mood? It’s much more cost-effective and eco-friendly to own five different sets of ribbons rather than five different pairs of sandals. 


It’s no secret that a lot of fashion out there is costly to make. Both environmentally and economically. So one of the best ways to reduce your impact is to simply buy less. Often that means getting quality basics instead of owning multiple, lower quality items. 

Do you have to replace your leggings frequently because they lose thickness or elasticity? Instead of constantly replacing the box store brand leggings, opt for the All-Day Legging that’s made to last, flatter and fit for the long haul. 

Instead of different necklaces for different outfits and events, go with a Brave Necklace Short Chain and get the pieces that fit your style. 

Locally-Sourced Materials

If you’re really looking to make a splash and get super sustainable with your stylistic choices, look for brands that are using materials sourced from the same place where the product is made. If part of the effort that goes into making your clothes comes from shipping materials from one location to the next, then making the product, then shipping it again to retailers, then distributing it again to franchises, that is A LOT of travel for one item.

At Sseko, the majority of our materials are sourced from the countries where the products are manufactured in. For example: 

Our Chiffon Skirt in Brushed Rainbow is made of chiffon with a rayon lining and all the materials are sourced in India where our apparel partners make the item. 

Our popular Wonder Ring is made of brass, which is all sourced locally in Uganda where the item is made. 

Our Gold Loafer Mules are made by our artisan partners in India. They’re made of leather that’s sourced locally. 

Lasting Materials

Another great way to ensure you aren’t over-purchasing is to buy an item that won’t wear out. You could buy a backpack for every year of college. Or you could buy the U-Zip Backpack in Pebbled Black. The leather will hold up for your entire educational career and be durable enough to hold even the heaviest of textbooks. 

Sustainability is a versatile endeavor. You can create a more sustainable wardrobe by buying less, shopping smarter, picking products carefully and aligning with brands that share your mission.

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