Our 2013 Class of University Bound Girls!


Whoo, are we excited to introduce these 11 girls to the world!

Esther, Immaculate, Loyce, Robinah, Sharon, Jackie Sr., Brenda, Juliet, Lillian, Jackie Jr., Dorine.

You are most welcome! (as they say in Uganda)

January marked the beginning of new jobs, new housemates, new experiences for these ladies. A group of 11, from a local leadership school that we partner with, have been accepted into our program. They will spend the next eight months at Sseko learning, working, and saving money to begin their university adventures.


They spent their first few weeks shyly getting to know their surroundings and learning the Sseko way of life. And then all of sudden they blossomed, nay, exploded into the group of giggling, chattering, joking teenagers that we knew that they were. They spend the early mornings before work sipping tea in the workshop and chatting, learning to live together and love each other. We already see their determined spirits and hard work paying off.


Over the next few months, we’ll be highlighting each girl and introducing her to you! Remember to check the blog on #welcomewednesdays to learn more about each member of our new University Bound team!

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